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  1. Each vendor sells different item. Calculating Black Marketer = Stigma Ench Stone Wary Smuggler = Io Coin Meticulous Black Marketer = Paragon Ench Stone Infitrating Smuggler = Io silk Furtive Black Marketer = Oathstone Mysterious Black Marketer = Wrapping Scroll I don't know if there is another vendor, i know these vendors so far. And yeah it's too hard to get them.
  2. They doing it as an anniversary event. Good job guys, dont let us have something good thing in this game..
  3. @Loki wont we get this ? i didn't see anything about it in patch notes. why ??
  4. @Kibbelz So what's your excuse this time? Are you going to share patch notes after we get update?
  5. Hi, are you guys crazy or something else? Pay to win event for anniversary? PAY TO WİN EVENT FOR ANNIVERSARY?!???!!
  6. Well there is no reason to play aion this week, thanks for boring events.
  7. @Kibbelz Can you stop ignoring people please? You can give the promotion rewards later, its not big deal but its just so sad to see you always ignore people..
  8. I don't like it because we need dimensional hourglasses for it but it still can be acceptable for the event coins. I think it would be good if you can add this permanently without event coins and we should able to enter without dimensional hourglasses.
  9. @Kibbelz Maybe i should send ticket, i am sure they will reply faster.
  10. @Kibbelz I just saw you increased character slot to 13. I didn't see anything about it in patch notes.Is it permanent ?
  11. I don't know other servers(eu and ru) but korea did free event for it. You need to combine 6 transformations at once for cats. Well it would be good if they did same here. https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=933715 @Kibbelz Can we able to get new ultimate transformations via combining legendary or ultimate transformations ?
  12. Yeah well if they expect that, they need to be respond more faster to tickets and change names faster. They respond to me after more than 12hours.Last one took a day..
  13. @Kibbelz I'm sorry but restoration ticket thing is bs.What you expect us to do without name? We can't joing group with random names. I'm still trying to get my old name. You should give us our old names without restoration tickets. It's not our fault. You should have reset all names at first.
  14. Yeah keep ignoring people. You're doing great job.
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