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  1. World drop skins in account warehouse

    My current inventory.. pls let me bring them to other toons ;_; I JUST NEED THE HANDS.
  2. World drop skins in account warehouse

    Yeah, I definitely get that as a concept. I'd just love to use them as skins, and there's nothing in the game atm other then this that sates my desire to farm skins.
  3. I actually kind of enjoy farming the skins that drop from open world mobs, but they're all on toons that I don't really use and was just leveling for fun. I get them not being tradeable/ to be be put on the broker cause that might promote botting in lowbie areas, but I'd love to farm the skins on new characters and move them up to my mains through the account warehouse. Yes, I'd rather farm skins in the open world then mats for pvp gear. Don't @ me.