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  1. well to be fair, the last bit of this game's playerbase is mostly veteran players who either have a full account of maxed out characters, or know how to level to max in 6 hours.. i wouldn't be expecting to be seeing anyone until endgame where there's a.. half decent population. on another note; this auto-hunt feature in Timeless seems pretty silly. you can't pick up souls, agro mass mobs, and will eventually just die to the boss, or the other faction. i don't really get the point, but hey, that might mean there will be free souls and AP roaming around the map. Other then that, the
  2. here's their response. I'm pretty satisfied with it for now. as long as they follow up with the additional info after the investigation
  3. yeah, what the hell is this. Can confirm. I have prestige, my friend doesn't. I got 10 coins from 5 runs of BoS. He got 0 from his 4 runs. what a great way to celebrate 10 years.
  4. A lot of people did want, and got a fresh start. There are a lot of p2w players there as well. I know a lot of them. Full ultimate crafted since week one, but the vast majority of players are mostly free to play. Just because some, does not mean all. To contradict that point, 90% of the p2w players I know and have actually talked to want to go to KT. I don't know where you're making these assumptions. If you think I'm a ptw player, I keep my gear open. Check it sometime. My gear speaks for my bad rng and my lack of money.
  5. Yes. Old skins, old skins with skills, 4k jellys, and compensation gear are all completely worthless. And I'm agreeing with you. People who just made an alt on EK and never played it should not be the ones transferring. This is what I'm talking about. You haven't read most of what I've said.
  6. Do you think all of EK is a bunch of alt accounts and new players? Do you not think there's people on the server who care just as much about the game, have been playing for just as long as you, and have worked just as hard throughout the years? Most of the people I play with on EK are people who quit in 5.x (Like I did) and came back for the exciting changes in 6.0. People who didn't get.. Okay.. Lemme give you this one. DIDN'T GET AN EVENT THAT GAVE YOU BASICALLY FREE +28 PVP GEAR THAT WOULD LEAD TO FREE ULTIMATE +15 GEAR IN THE NEXT PATCH THAT'S COMPARABLE TO THE ULTIMATE CRAFTED GEAR.
  7. I normally wouldn't spell it out for you, but I'm feeling sassy, so I'm gonna. I've played this game for 7 years, not for 6 months. Maybe you read my typo of putting DN instead of EK? But I thought that would be pretty easy to figure out.. Have posted about the balance issue, and I understand that. I understand that transfers should be paid. I have stated that I would be happy to pay for transfers had it been stated clearly in the beginning. Not in a sneaky edit. I would be fine with ALL of this if the game was actually playable and I could farm what I needed to for pvp gear and actually
  8. I meant to put "happened to make an EK alt" instead of DN. It won't let me edit the post, so i'm reposting it for clarification. See @Cyan? You can clarify things with a simple 30 second message <3
  9. You've completely ignored EVERYTHING I've said. Congratulations. Didn't think anyone could selectively read that much. You've broken a record!
  10. For the love of god, get back on topic. This isn't about which server is more balanced or where players should go. This post has been about NC changing their mind at the last minute and screwing over a small, but loyal group of players. I honestly understand making transfers paid. I really do. It would take ages to transfer a thousand alts to DN just because someone who happend to make a DN alt 6 months ago and never leveled it wants the compensation we got. I just really don't like how they went about doing it.
  11. Completely missing my points. Not arguing against me, just stating the same thing over and over. There's no changing your mind, there's no changing mine. Just leave this be and let the people who actually have power over this decide, okay? okay. Go buy some more crafted gear and maaaybe you'll be able to kill me 1v1.
  12. We're not complaining that transfers aren't free. We're complaining that they misled us. How many times do I have to say this? Read. Carefully.
  13. Yes. which I pinged Cyan in my question. Not you. These are questions I'm asking Cyan. Lol What about the arguments of not getting what was promised. What about the arguments about being mislead and misinformed? Again. Let me state this nice and clearly for those who might be a bit slower. I would be Perfectly Fine Paying For The Transfer If It Had Been Stated Clearly In The Original Post That Transfers Would Be Paid. I am complaining because I was mislead and misinformed. I used my own story as reasons as to why this is such an awful thing to do to people. Not as reasons for a fre
  14. That still doesn't justify to me why they had time to update the forum post but not the website.
  15. How damn condescending. Completely ignoring my arguments because you believe just because I went somewhere else for a fresh start means I still hold no loyalty to DN. I'm sorry I'd like to go back to where all my old friends are, to where the rest of my characters on my account are, where my old main is, where my old legion is. Also, you validated my want to go back to my home server in your first statement. "You've only played for 9 months. What does it matter to you which server you go to? KT is a good server, too. It just needs the numbers more than DN does." So are you saying if I've been
  16. Then why the Nyerking Nyerk did Cyan not clarify on the 25th. Why was there no official post about it. Why the Nyerk was it just a Nyerking edit. Why was there no response to this post on the 25th? No. The responses, the clarification came after the maint. after transfers would be open. The website didn't match the forum post until after the promised date. You'd think the website would be more accurate then a forum post, no?
  17. No, that's not true. The FAQ was just updated 30 minutes ago to say that it would be a paid transfer to DN. Would our 50 people on asmo side and 30 people on ely side really make that much of a difference?
  18. Thanks, totally agree. Gonna wait and hope they do something about it. Even if I wanted to transfer, I can't because I still have a house and they locked the housing. I feel like I'm being forced to merge to KT for being an active member of EK. There's nothing wrong with KT, it's just not my home, and it's not where my friends are/will be. I honestly wouldn't mind paying the transfer fee if we weren't currently also dealing with the GP/AP bug and if they told us before hand that it would be a paid transfer.
  19. Okay @Cyan, what a nice thing to do. What a nice thing to do to update your policy last second. What a nice thing to pull the rug out from all the people who hoped they could go home. Oh, and to top it all off you didn't tell anyone!! You sneakily updated the website at the last second, and updated how you're doing transfers, and.. and.. didn't even go through the trouble of updating the website. Look. I've supported NC during a looooot of mess ups. I've understood a lot of things. I've never been this mad. I've paid for prestige for YEARS, I've bought skins, I've paid to support the game beca
  20. My current inventory.. pls let me bring them to other toons ;_; I JUST NEED THE HANDS.
  21. Yeah, I definitely get that as a concept. I'd just love to use them as skins, and there's nothing in the game atm other then this that sates my desire to farm skins.
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