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  1. Oh sorry, the name of the NPC in Sanctum is Reina, not Reian.
  2. The quest for returners / new players on all my characters is missing, so they don't get the chance on the mount and the special armor / weapon items.
  3. Thanks for your answer about the problem on the fast track server.
  4. When i get the "crestlich hunting" quest at novans crossing it says i must hunt two types of them (7 + 3). But at Hunting the crestliches nearby, they where counted and when you kill 8 from them, the quest is ready. Therefore the description of the quest is wrong and must be fixed.
  5. Hello all together, i want to use the legion warehouse in cygnea. The NPCs talks with me, but they don't show the warehouse. Is that a general problem or what is missing to use it.
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