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  1. Hey everyone, first time I've posted on here I think. Anyways, I'm a level 42 assassin Elyos. I just finished the last missions in Heiron (Where odium was used, Kaisinel's mission, and To Balaurea) but now I can't find any quests anywhere. Am I missing something? I went to Inggison and still couldn't find any campaign or blue missions. Can someone please help me?
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but this forum is all new to me. I played aion a ton a few years ago and I finally came back to playing it now that I have dsl and not stupid satellite Internet. I've noticed they merged the servers and figured that would make them even better as far as population and balance wise. So I start and barely anyone is there. So I figured, "well there was always a ton of ppl in the main cities" and so I rushed to lvl 10. I finally get to the main city and no one is there either. What happened? How did it change so much over a few years? Where is ever
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