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  1. "Stigma Event"

    you do, the post is about the enchant rates not about you talking shit about me
  2. "Stigma Event"

    just to finish what we talking about, yourself answer you are "not hacking", you are on the discord to "gather information", so why i cant be there for the same reason ? you are here to defame me, you are in the discord and u not hacking, so why me being there mean i am hacker?
  3. "Stigma Event"

    your arguments are invalid, join a discord doesnt mean i am member or that i have membership of something, like i say by example i am on "team para" discord, wich is a DN legion, does that mean i am on DN server ? NO, does that mean i am inside that legion ? No, that mean someone posted the link and i decided to join.... same thing i am on Blue Bird discord, does that mean i am on that legion ? no... that mean someone posted the link and i decided to join you are on the channel from a hack, so are you hacking ? I know many ppl that joined like me coz they are just to watch and read, in that channel ppl post about bugs, about game errors, etc. and actually i barelly go and read 90% of my discord channels coz like i said few comments ago, i am joined on more than 30 channels
  4. "Stigma Event"

    I could name you over 50 respectable players that are in there, and they are not using hack... they just joined a discord channel like me, someone posted the discord one time, told me what the discord is and that's it i did joined, go ahead look if i ever posted asking something like many ppl there do, is just stupid you are assuming things without proof like i said, i can join any discord i want, like everyone do and i could name you other 50 that use the hack and they are not on the discord
  5. "Stigma Event"

    to avoid sell something on broker to 1 kinah and be stolen by a broker bot? and by what you saying, then devil is bot too coz he is more op than me and made his stigmas all +15, so he might been botting all day long for enchants (like if there is a way to bot and drop stigmas lol) many ppl dont know about broker bots and always pm me telling me they got scam because they didnt know about the bots... also by your accusation to me, you are also accusating those players that are on the picture too without reason to... join a free discord channel doesnt mean someone use third party programs, i am on DN discords, on almost every legion from katalam discords, i am on rainmeter discord, i am on aion katalam discord, and so many other channels.... i am joined to 35 different discord channels so your comment is just to defame me lol
  6. "Stigma Event"

    a lot of people is on discord channels to read stuff, yourself are on that discord...by example i am on 10 legion discords, so i am on every legion ? no i just be there to read the post and gather information... so ur post is stupid like the picture say i am just watching , also everyone got free stigma enchants with the event from hatching egg.... i have 5 accounts with old characters wich allow me to gather stigmas with the egg daily farm so i had like 400 stigmas is that bot or something ? i dont think so, you are here just takling shit
  7. "Stigma Event"

    this event is not a event... we have no enchant rates modified..... on EU they just got Stigma EVENT wich give them enchant 30% instead of 20% i spent 250 enchants to make 1 damn stigma +15... a guy on EU upload a video where he spend 155 enchants to make 5 +15 @Hime we really need the enchant rate fixed to 30% i spent over 500 enchants and only got 2 stigmas +15 from +12... that is just stupid when we got the stigma enchant event on 7.0 i made all my stigmas +12 from 9 with 350 enchants but because we had 30%, with 20% is just imposible
  8. Katalam is bugged again!

    @Cyan@Hime Server Katalam is bugged again we cant target npc / enter instances please fix it!
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    @Cyan @Gideon so when i did read about the bug on the forum i didnt do any EC to keep my account safe from any bans.... now you tell me that i wont get any reward because i didnt do EC ?? and what about the months after the bug was found..... i been paying with prestige all the time and waiting you guys to activate EC and give us any compensation for the time we were not able to go there... and now you will just reward those who did go to the instance on that time.... plus i wasn't able to create my vandal on time to go EC because i already have 8 characters... i had to wait more time to create my vandal, i consider you need to compensate every character level 80 that was created and playing the time the instance wasnt open....
  10. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    @Gideon @Cyan please make it also +12 safe spot!!! some of us already have stigmas +12 and want to try to +15, the PvE endgame need ppl to have +15 stigmas
  11. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    @Cyan on Korea and EU they got safe points for stigma at +9 and +12 permanent are we getting it also?
  12. is the Big Snowman bug?? because i went friday and saturday at 9:00 pm to outpost of victory and it didnt spawn, i also went to check to lakrum positions and no big snowman, I understand it will spawn on each location, but i just saw the big snowman the wednesday....
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    well the stigmas are not in the vendors, i understand they wont make it for free again (we dont want another roll back) but they took off the new stuff that is what i mean
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    well, yes... my bad... i thought they did update the vendor machines same as EU did i had no time to log in b4 the roll back so i wasnt able to see the stores... i just heard there were stigma enchantment stones so i thought the items that were added still be there, anyways
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 28, 2019

    @Cyan the 2 vendor machines are not updated to 7.0.... what did u "fix" ? you guys just set the same old rewards....