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  1. Hi Daevas, I am an old veteran of this game. I played it when it was fresh. Was even in Beta. I was hearing all this noise about Classic from my friends, so I decided to give it a try. I played yesterday and I can already tell, they cut the EXP you receive. I'm still in the starter area so I was totally baffled. I had already read they cut AP and gathering for free players which really ticked me off, but I wanted to see how it played through. I don't know by how much they cut the exp but it is very obvious. I find it in very poor taste the way they opened this server. If I pay 1 cent I'm
  2. thank you both. I'll toss them then.
  3. Old player that comes, levels solo, and disappears back into the fold without a clue whats going on... My question is... Is there still somewhere i can trade level 50 and 40 pvp accessories for ap? I know there was a Shugo that appeared at certain times. But that was a while ago.
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