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  1. @Kibbelz Question! "To be eligible for rewards, players must meet one of two conditions: Synthesize 4 Grade A Rank 4 minions in a single attempt, regardless of success. Synthesize 2 Grade A Rank 4 minions in three separate attempts, regardless of success." "Synthesize" means Combine right? 👉 If I have minions A lvl 4 and combine 3 times if I get 2 minion A or any S 👉If combine 4 minions A if I get minion A or S ✨In any of those cases I get [BCM] Grade S Minion Contract Salvage Box right? ✨ Or it's somehow liked to those cont
  2. I live in Japan. Started playing this game around 11 years ago with few breaks. People ask : why don't you play Japan's Aion? Well almost no players there, and everything is in Kanjis. why don't you play Korea's Aion? Uh, I need a KR phone number to confirm account and a VPN with high risk to be banned...and dunno Hangul. why u play aion? Uh, dunno. PvP is fun My ping was around 140-150 with ExitLag and after server changed is 400+++ with ExitLag. @Kibbelz don't abbandon me Tell your team to improve this please??? O
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