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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 20, 2017

    @Cyan can you tell us what the Warsinger and Skystrike gear is and what it looks like please? Also, is the April 5th maintenance a mistake in the Tempered Power II article?
  2. Omegas on BCM

    Yeah, its kinda dumb how they low-key put them up on BCM for a week and didn't bother to announce it in a timely manner either. They did the same for Temperings about a month ago too. They just assume people have the money lying around or something...
  3. Mmmmm, ncsoft support showing that they don't really pay attention to in game goings on... For all the people posting tickets and getting those replies, you should tell them that TM-E have had a past govenor stripped of their GP thus removing them from the number 1 rank. So for them to say that they can't remove a govenor due to the limitations is actually false. Though the reasons for the strip were completely different to this, but it was stripped nonetheless and shows its entirely possible.
  4. Suggest what you want in BCM here

    They've not bothered to change the text is all. The box rewards powder/black stones in place of the epsilons if i'm not mistaken. If anything, can we just have Omegas and Temperings as perma things on BCM already. They're super important to gearing these days, and events just don't drop enough these days.