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  1. Jumping back in after IDK how long!

    You're the best man, super fast reply's. Is there any video or post that can catch me up to speed? The last I remember was the first patch that brought the level cap to 55(?) and the first new area. Is the Abyss still a thing people do? haha So much I'm sure I've missed. Is leveling still a struggle/grind? Thanks a million!
  2. Jumping back in after IDK how long!

    Is there still activity or are the servers mostly dead?
  3. Hello everyone! My friend and I are looking to get back into the game after... jeez idk 6/7 years? I just have a few questions, since we're looking to start fresh characters. What server would be best for either Asmo or Elyos? Is there activity that would warrant starting a new play through? Thanks!