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  1. Evergale Kick from Alliance finally implemented

    I personally think the Group leaders should not have the mod to kick someone just bc they think there afk, when there not., And futher more id Like to point out the kick from group would be mis-used in some way or another. few times ive was in evergale, i step away to use the restroom maybe 1min or 2 and come back im kicked, or my fav, coming back from death and get hit with lag, 20 sec later kicked, I Believe Every Single Player Has went Afk at one time or another when leveling up in game,, ( yes I Have done it as well ) I dont always reply to the "BattleReady" bc it is annoying esp when your fighting or running to the spot you need to be at, and if you dont reply worse case i get kicked,,, .. I hope to look forward and see improvements..
  2. AP Accessory Box from Event bugged PLS READ

    well it would be nice if they ( aion) said something instead of we are looking into it,,
  3. AP Accessory Box from Event bugged PLS READ

    hello all, I also Had issue with the Prime Royal Captain Acc. boxes as well, with the not showing up for magic classes as well,, and By werid Chance The Prime Royal Captain weapon box is Also Bugged for the Glad Class there is no Great Sword in the box,, ive sent tickets in both issues, i get told we are looking into this, and well get back to you, smh ..