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  1. joining a legion wont help him, IS is literally ghosted, the koreans don't recruit/lfg, sanctus members have all but a few quit, most aren't even coming back for 1.5, i haven't checked up on resurgence but im sure it's the same deal, many dropping the game and what's left barely scraping by with who's left, there just anything to do and ncwest's incompetency won't help anything
  2. korea had the same gojira event, but of course we get nerfed to hell for rewards guildie reminded me and gave me a link https://aion.plaync.com/board/clsnotice/view?articleId=1064222
  3. ffs, just f'ing give us 1.5 already we NEED more content to play, dredge is a huge source of ap gain and pvp which we desperately need, and there's DP which is a massive playground to earn gear and farm drops and materials for crafting, and you're delaying this WHY?????
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