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  1. no fer-pley

    it's not okay for them to take the rewards! I apologize to Asmo players, I quit
  2. PVP ?

    1.not exactly that it gets faster, today I was against 3 and got no faster! 2. do you see the tank in the picture? They move and their towers can do nothing! 3.the game is full of mistakes and omissions!
  3. PVP ?

    3: 1 we can do nothing !! http://prntscr.com/py6uh5
  4. PVP ?

    can you explain this to me? they came to us and you can do nothing to them !!! ( illumiel brawl ) http://prntscr.com/pteld2 they just stand and wait for us to be killed again!
  5. PVP ?

    i saw today the size and the charm of pvp when a group of asmo stormed into Lakrum and created chaos! new players are powerless and have become cannon fodder for survival !!!
  6. PVP ?

    funny - this is aion pvp http://prntscr.com/pmxnvd