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  1. So what items do we trade it, can you give us a name of this coin or something and where to get it, not much to go on here.
  2. Story went to crap ever since they made Ereshkigal a full on human, as oppose a to Drakan with you know a tail and other traits that make her a different species to humans. I guess sex sells in Korea. Oh and also when they decided to destroy regions as oppose to leaving them be like other MMORPGs. Actually don't see why they actually needed to delete regions as a lore stand point, when they could have just easily kept them. Who cares if for some they barely see use, its okay to have some empty maps.
  3. It won't be destroyed. Grey wolf accessories are safe.
  4. If tempering fails it drops down to zero. If it is the level 70 or 75 Abyss accessories they will break upon failure.
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