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  1. Uhhh we had 1 hour scrolls and our items did have speed... [Boots] etc...
  2. Anyone Know where to get the activation code for AION for the Cloud thing
  3. Does anyone know where to get the code for aion and how to apply it? I am lost
  4. I can understand pots giving stats but not having speed normally sucks. I cant understand why I crawl walk run like a snake or somthing insanely slow. Just to use a 4min potion to make me get super stats then run normaly.. Give us run normaly sperate the stats from the running at least give us running normaly
  5. I got to say how badly disappointed I am with this 6.2 I feel like I went back to the launch of AION, With all the boxes for Gear's I ran out of inventory space.. Also why on earth did u guys give speed on bottles for transfigurations we should auto get speed but the stats can be given by bottle I run out of the bottle so fast 4mins on a bottle like what the hell is this. So many bugs on maps so many issues while trying to kill mobs etc pathing is bugged in the new zone we run into air lol... I'm so disgusted enchantment stones give no stats but PVP/PVE umm dont we got enuf of that on our gear
  6. WTF I did a patch just Now and still cant get in
  7. Are we going to get an extra day of 200% exp seeing you guys Neyerked us around for this pach crap!!!
  8. go figure I got to do another update to fix the update that had a fuked up update to begin with....
  9. its going to be 6.0 that is gona nyerk the crap ot of us seing that 6.0 is doing very very very badly in Koria atm. Nevermind about 6.2 I know some people hundreds that just left because of 6.0 crap. They better think before they realse this crap to the AION Americas etc... 6.2 is yet far far away but in 3 months we get 6.0 and they still cant fix bugs and crap in the other versions and 5.8 is so shity as it is.... OMG!!!!
  10. It's not like I did not warn you guys this game was at its end already... They faked the patches botched everything. People complaining left and right about prices n crap all the AFK. I warned you all about this the hikes in rices nothing is going to change I have been playing since 2009 and nothng has changed. But all this now just killed the crap out of everything... We still cant get crap right. WHY.... GM's don't care when they implemented that AFK crap for evergale they FAKED*it all up striped to the core like I said EG will be for the ELITE of ELITE. and the EYE dont get me going on that
  11. well like I stated, if it fixes it. It does, if not then well by all means call me right about that... Who knows.....
  12. Well we all think different I know what will happen I plaed so many MMO its not funny....
  13. The ones I where in people where afk, Tons of then not all 24 but many 12 of them at least where in some EC's. But I am just 1 person..... I am a developer myself and writ programs and drivers for things. I beta test Microsoft things and do lot's This wont solve it. only thing it will do is cause chaos to a game already dieing.... EC will be a instance that the ELITE will go in after this is done leaving the low and no good and under gear over gear afk to be pushed way back... hindering progress for this game to succeed as it should. I have seen weard stuff but this tops the cake. You will se
  14. Yes it will now be restricted because of this thus EC will be gone!, Thus killing Elyos/Asmo of getting Supplements for their armor.
  15. Why do you think that they did not implement this in the first place because the DEVS new about these issues...
  16. This will not solve this issue there are way to many things for this fix to work you have to find the solution for 5 or more of the other things effecting EC. This will NOT work at all!
  17. I do agree on that this fix will not resolve anything as there are not enough players to as to form the perfect alliance because even people that are massively geared afk as well. I have seen this with my own eyes. Why do you think sometimes its so hard to find good clerics or players that can handle things not many Elyos PVP, 80% just don't do it. We are in a bind we get to select our people but also hurt more EC because we have to make the EC takes time have less time in ec's too 3 hours take like 30 to 40 min to form 1 on the DN side so 4 runs a night 5 at tops then to watch some afk and w
  18. And you, you the expert that see the texus servers under attack with over 3mil pings? Ellyos you say as we are the ones that lose 100 times a day? and DC 18 times in 1 hour? I got 480MB conection 32GB ram 5GB ddr5 vid ram with a SSD card and I get DC to hmm... Use a packet sniffer and watch your Ping and MS drop off the map with massive lag spikes....
  19. Think About this FIX for (EC), Asmo Hackers DC Issues Under gear Elyos Players who get 1 soothed PVP/PVE wise AFK Player's Groups that have not been properly set up. Que List is random. (We get what we GET) Basically Limited time on recruiting players in EC, there is a time limit to join a EC while it's going (Banning cant be an issue, if we ban and time limit is up we lose either way) There are also other issues at play here NOT JUST AFK! DO NOT PUT THIS FIX IN PLEASE! Or EC Will Be DEAD!
  20. Where is a GM when you need 1 (OR to say something to them) I vote no on this FIX for EC....
  21. Kinda dumb to implement this fix because after EC begins it stops looking for players to enter... What is the point in banning the afk when rely there are more issues here besides people AFK'ing. Like Elyos not geared and get 1 hit by asmo's they are just as bad as the AFK... So why put this fix in when the entire AION is subjected to afk to "KBF/IDL/IWW/FORTS/OW/ETC" why implement this as it solved nothing what if the head leader of the alliance is afk what then... You all don't think of this to... HELL AION IS AFK... What if we are away from 1 split min to take meds and 30 second
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