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  1. Thank you! Finally someone that has some common sense! People jumped on me in LFG on EK-A yesterday, because I said a similar thing. But good for my popcorn
  2. Wait?! But this game is lyfe! It needs to be taken seriously 24/7! No way anyone would be trolling in this game?! Impossibruh!
  3. IKR! I give this thread an 8 out 10. It has been a while for such threads like these. I think it will end up with 10+ pages. Mate, as Asmo on EK, I advice you to just ignore this BS. It's a waste of time + the tinfoil hat accusations are amusing, can we keep it going like this for at least another 20 pages?
  4. I can't printscreen my ticket, because of this @Aly-DN
  5. I lost a +7 plume because of the lag. They didn't help me at all. + What Jaimie said, a lot of people that did sent in tickets that lost runs because of the lag, didn't got help either. Support was pretty much like: Sorry, your problem, now get lost kid!
  6. I had the same problem, Aion 32-bit and I was crashing in COE and Canyon. Someone gave me this to put in CMD "/set increaseuserva 2800" and then restart your PC. It actually fixed all sendlogs & crashes for me.
  7. They already ninja nerfed the droprate of Omegas & Tempering Solutions. I was running my Luna's every day when the patch came out and got around 50% droprate on Omegas. In the 2nd week they nerfed it, now I should be happy if I get 2 Omegas each account. Same goes for Tempering Solutions. The only thing that's untouched so far, is the manastone bundle. NCwest is known for their ninjanerfs and saying in your face: "Nothing has changed!" or they just plainly ignore you for calling it out.
  8. Yea, I've editted my post in the meanwhile. #ImSleepy
  9. https://forums.aiononline.com/discover/unread/
  10. I got a legit question. Why did it took so long before we had a new forums? I mean you guys got this forums from IPS. It's a 5-10 minute work to actually get the forums online. Then you link your Player database with the forum database. That takes probably an hour. Put some fancy shugo avatar on it, etc. Now... I'll ask again, why did we have to wait literally years for this, when this can be set up in less than a day? Just asking.
  11. The problem on BR is that there are not enough medals on the market, that's why most of the people are still running around with L65a2 gear. But anyway, to get back to the topic. Rank doesn't mean anything. Why do you care about it so much CPD? You being General doesn't mean anything to me. Hench, people can have my 5* rank if they want. I never aimed for it, never asked for it, never cared for it.
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