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  1. CUBICS/CUBICLES QUESTION! Will there be a limit to the amount of cubics and cubicles that can be collected? Seeing as you can get permanent stats from this I would really hope so. Also, will there be stat limitations/caps implemented?
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 22, 2018

    As others seem to be asking... Will there be another Soul Stone collection event? Not even close to having all gear purified
  3. Server Shutdown?

    We expect 10 Soul Stones!.... and +25 gear! But really.... What's going on?
  4. Tiamaranta's Eye

    I don't normally post on forums, but seeing as we get side-swept when something nice comes around... The "unintended functionality" could be anything. I just want to voice what I have to say, because here on Aion, we love to get ahead of ourselves... If in fact, the drop rate of coins is lessened, or, coin pricing increases... that is absolutely gonna suck... nuts... guys. I used to run around the Eye for DAYS for AP. An event, however, is temporary, so I really hope that's not the case. An event where it's easier to obtain necessary items to get ahead and CATCH UP, is amazing for those of us that don't have the time to spam the heck out of instances and miss windows. Why are you crippling us!?!!?