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  1. Mine appears in less than 30 seconds. Use PayPal.
  2. Can you say it again but this time in English
  3. The premise of my initial post wasn't saying I don't understand it but was merely laughing at the comparison you made as they're two completely different subjects (Comparing an individual being raped in a courtroom to a player posting a hack report on the wrong location) with no correlation what so ever. I can see how it's hard to admit that your comparison wasn't related to each other at all and that's okay, we've all made mistakes once or twice in our life. Some more than others.
  4. Attacking ad hominem, yes, and I'm the salty one
  5. Are you comparing an Aion ban threat to being raped HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. If you want a "no shift-F12" PC for Aion they don't exist. Aion has poor optimization and not even a 1080TI/8700K can produce a stable frame rate. Get a normal 144hz like this one, but you can get cheaper. Later upgrade your card to fit the needs of the monitor. 1440p+ isn't required and puts a lot of strain on games for a small increase in sharpness. I prefer to play on my 1080p 144hz monitor and do productive work on my 4K 60hz since Aion just FEELS better, plain and simple. No point playing a game with PowerPoint FPS if it "looks sharper".
  7. This happens every EXP event. They've always meant Y% in total in the front page of Aion, and X% bonus in game. Base100%+X%=Y% in total, not that hard.
  8. It wouldn't be fair to compare a fan made third party program to a commercial anti-cheat. Logically since XIGN has been deployed on countless games they would slowly improve their false positives. If I recall correctly, XIGN doesn't even ban players. It throws a bugsplat-esque error and force closes your game if it thinks you're trying to do anything malicious. It's honestly a very mediocre anti-cheat but it'll keep the script kiddies at bay since they can't do anything but copy paste. Here's a Black Desert Online XC3 kick Blade&Soul and BDO both use XIGNCODE3 and bot
  9. In 6.0 there will be 0 reasons to going to Nors/Iluma when every new content will be placed inside of Lakrum. Weeklies, dailies, events, etc. That's how it will be useless. Hence the "every major patch makes all of the old zones obsolete" comment. http://www.gametrics.com/gameinfo/gameinfo01.aspx?gamename=아이온 So much for Aion being daedgema. Population crisis. Hah. (Yellow line is Aion's ranking on every game in gametric's PCBang list. Blue line is current players, unknown if it's only calculating PCBang users or not, but I'd say it's most likely.)
  10. Is this a meme? In what world is the removal of useless 1.x maps that people don't touch at all a bad thing? With every major patch people always stop going to the old zones. When was the last time you went to Eltnen, Morheim or even Lower Abyss? Where are you getting these population crisis numbers from? It's understandable if you don't like the whole "They're making P2W not as P2W as it used to be" aspect but in my opinion this patch is great. It actually makes players... Play. You know, the game? People can no longer purchase Kinah (they can still abuse the broker but PlayNC/Gamefor
  11. Aion NA has always done things differently than Korea, why is this an issue all of the sudden? In 4.8 you didn't notice we didn't get a master server or those extra fancy titles above our head? In 3.x-4.x you didn't notice we didn't get Crucible accessories or that our naming conventions are different? They're trying to make money while keeping the player base at its steady 2-3k. Leaving out the cancerous additions of dumb godstones is definitely one way to do it.
  12. Lovely. I used your website a lot until around 5.3 where all of the new data was missing. Have you ever considered releasing an API of sorts for your item database? Simple posts for an item's data/picture or something.
  13. This is a dead meme already. Everyone knows Aion is unoptimized and that having less cores/less threads/better STP is better for games in general, not just Aion. No matter what setup you have, regardless if you have the best dual/tri/quad core CPU with amazing STP, walking around Iluma will always guarantee terrible performance regardless of rig or settings. The game simply can't fluently handle what it attempts to deliver during large scale pvp or a lot of moving models on screen (NPCs/players). Trash optimization.
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