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  1. My poor Asmo on Danaria. You guys are making me put him down? (He ant Lassie and I'm not Timmy) All joking aside what about people with toons on both factions. I never put much work on my Asmo, so for me it's not a big deal, but what about the people who did? And yeah this is Aion, what about the people who spent alot of money into toons on both factions?
  2. Scary Solution, I didn't get the free contract, but I did have good luck with contracts/fusions this week. As it stands now, I will be getting two of the "Autumn Harvest Superior Transformation Pouch". What if NCSoft messes up with this, and removes contract progress from players outside of the 300 who got the free contract.
  3. Aion once called the "WOW killer" and now even the NPCs quit the game. Kinda funny.
  4. I like your suggestion alot (hope NCSoft does too, but not going to hold my breath), they could also make the Manastones untradeable.
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