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  1. New Enchanting System Changes

    That's fine, I also succeeded some +15's with 45% enchant rate in old patch. Just don't try to tell me the rate was actually 95% or whatever when I had tons of failures.
  2. New Enchanting System Changes

    This is occurring with BOTH PvE and PvP gear. It was not necessarily intentional.
  3. New Enchanting System Changes

    lol, if we're talking about failing 4 "in a row" the chance is obviously much lower than 1%. try 0.021% or about 1 in 5000. anyways that's irrelevant (other than showing that you're just memeing) since i never said 4 in a row. i said 4 fails in 8 attempts, nothing about order. and the chance of THAT is 1% which I already said. when i said others had similar stories i was talking about 5 guys all in my legion which has about 60 members. i suppose you will now assert that all the unlucky guys just happen to be concentrated into my one legion? but probability is a lot deeper than the mere knowledge that bad luck exists. i just failed another two stones. the claim of an 88% success rate is incorrect at least on our servers.
  4. New Enchanting System Changes

    depends what you're trying to show. for example even with n=1, if enchant fails we can draw the conclusion that the chance is not 100%. suppose i claimed the chance is 99% and then you failed 10 in a row. which would be more likely: a) that my claim was wrong, or b) that you just hit the 1% fail 10 times in a row? think about it. ignore the 13 fails example if you want. but then look at the second example. i failed a supposed 88% chance 4 out of 8 times. some really smart guys figured out long ago how to find the probability of that event. it is less than 1%. so when i hear other people complaining about similar or worse events that should almost never occur, it's actually pretty easy to conclude the rates have been nerfed.
  5. fighting spirits

    quest once a week for a small amount of spirits if you pay prestige. "craft" = farm tons of kibrium for craft, not pvp. or p2w kinah to buy kibrium from others again not pvp.
  6. New Enchanting System Changes

    Absolutely. I'm pretty certain the rates on https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.0_Update_-_Enchanting_Rates do not apply at least to our servers. A legendary stone should successfully enchant a level 10 ultimate item 42% of the time. And a legendary stone should successfully enchant a legendary item of level 3-5 88% of the time. I used 13 legendary stones into a +10 ultimate trying to get +12 and only 3 succeeded. Based on the Bernoulli trials formula with k=0..3, n=13 and chance 42% it should turn out this way or worse 13.44% of the time. OK so it's not totally unbelievable ... But I had 8 tries of legendary stones into legendary wings at enchantment levels 3-5 and only 4 successes. Again apply bernoulli, to have 4 successes or less when the success rate is 88% should occur 0.97% of the time (that's less than 1 time out of 100). sorry but I don't think I'm that special... either powerbook was always wrong, or rates got nerfed, it's one or the other.
  7. (1) Log in. (2) See. (3) Logout

    I was actually thinking exactly this tonight -- there's just nothing to do. All my instances are on cooldown ... Changing dailies into weeklies allows people to knock their stuff out in one day and then you don't see them for the rest of the week. This goes for instance cooldowns as well as quests. PvP still has dailies but those are very hard to finish when there's no one to actually fight, particularly on your own faction's half of the map. The Arenas might be a good spot for some action when you look at that ranking system which appears to have Legendary/ultimate PvP stones up for grabs (i.e. a huge incentive) but it just..... doesn't work.