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  1. There is now a fix for this if you are a Battleping user. http://battleping.com/theforum/showthread.php?tid=4520&page=2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tech Wrote: We have made another change, so far have not seen shop error occur. I think this setting will be included into the default setting on next Battleping update: You can try it out to see if it works for you, under connection -> Advanced: code: aionusatest --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have tried it and no longer get the store pop up. All praise the Battleping Gods!
  2. This has been happening to me as well since patch, it is quite annoying. It seems that if I log in or move servers and then interact with someone/something before this message pops up I will get a sendlog. The problem is you cannot control other people trying to interact with you, I have literally been sent to desktop 3 times in a row by someone trying to invite me to group, quite frustrating. I have done a bajillion file repairs and prayed to the aion gods every week hoping for a fix, hopefully soon.
  3. Panesterra Siege Log: 2014 - 2018

    Forthyn, Thank you so much for sharing. My favorite siege in the game, and some of my greatest siege memories ever. 100 vs 100 made for some amazing triumphs, and some tough losses, but always exhilarating fights. Equal numbers also meant that sadly, many did not get to experience the siege at the height of its importance, the glory days. I don't think people realize how much time and effort, on and off of the battlefield, went into keeping the Asmo coalition together and on the right track for so long. From maintaining representation on the siege team, to the faction leaders communication, to the rules, the meetings, the administrative stuff, the overall and weekly strategies, and of course, the never ending politics and dramas. Watching us go from the underdogs, outmanned and outgunned, getting better each week, to total Asmodian domination was nothing short of astounding, and I have no doubt that had it not been for your stalwart leadership and unwavering support, we would not have come full circle. It was XY and myself's pleasure to see it through with you, even though that last siege was by far the toughest. You are the absolute last person deserving of a loss on the final Panesterra siege stage, especially after having had OUR backs all those years. In the end, nothing can erase what's represented in that spreadsheet: great memories, great accomplishments, and great times with some great leaders. Asmodae owes you a debt of gratitude. Thank YOU!
  4. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    Wrong and strong NcSoft. I have had a Prestige Pack subscription uninterrupted since its inception. I have supported you as a company through thick and thin even when I probably should not have, but I can no longer condone your absolute lack of interest in working with your community. This atrocity of a decision to not review your price list after so many valid arguments were presented is absurd. The glaringly obvious lack of game knowledge shown by your staff is inexcusable. Prestige Pack cancelled. http://imgur.com/a/VtF37
  5. Crucible Hero's Draft

    Here's the thing though @Mempo-KT, nobody inquired about the dates previously to you jumping in with the information. The thread is about Crucible Hero's Draft like the name implies. I addressed what I thought you meant by your statement - if they are using the pots now out of season for no reason, imagine what the scene will be with season rewards at stake. Maybe you were implying that there is no season now therefore no problem? Should we wait till it becomes a raging problem to 'tear up the forums'? I'll say this, this game is not just about you, people have their opinions of which everyone is allowed to speak up about what is important to them. Not speaking up (complaining?) means you are ok with the status quo, and if you are that's fine, but entering into someone's thread to complain about them complaining is irony at its best. NcSoft NA actually has one of the least PTW models of all areas. In the past they have changed things that customers brought to their attention that they thought would be overbearingly detrimental to the spirit of competition in the game. This, in my opinion, is one of those things, maybe not to you but to a lot of people i have spoken to, many of whom compete at the highest echelons in the game and just like you feel like it is a waste of time to come to the forums to "complain".
  6. Crucible Hero's Draft

    I suppose you are right in a way. This is the direction the game has been going in for a long time. There is a big difference between buying menial stuff to augment the speed at which you progress and outright buying a win in a competition though. This is supposed to be THE premier end game 'ladder' but the winner is already set, it will be the guy chugging a crucible pot every time he is losing. The integrity of the tournament/competition is lost at the onset. Would the use of these pots have been considered fair in the cross server PVP tournaments that the gm's used to have? Why is it ok in Tenacity? Hell a guy used one in one of our KBF's the other day. It is absurd that these are even in the game much less allowed in competitive instances. Why not just allow me to use my AP transform in there? This is why people like me (who also spend a fair amount in support of the game but play for the challenge and competition) have been considering alternatives. Its not that I cannot afford to compete in the wallet throwing arena, its that I just don't see the point, the only winner there is NcSoft. When what you can accomplish by paying outweighs so heavily what you can accomplish by playing, it becomes harder and harder to justify expending the effort. @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT It would not be the first item erroneously labelled in this game. Have you ever fought with or against one? At the end of the day it translates into an automatic win for its user, that is the point. @Mempo-KT Just imagine what the actual season will be like if these guys are swigging pots now for no real reason, just a win that means nothing. Trust me, people don't say "wow look at that amazing crucible pot usage, damn that was good, made for a good fight!"
  7. Crucible Hero's Draft

    No its nothing like that at all. This is a competition, with a season, and rewards. Except there is no real competition because you can buy your wins on the Luna Store for $100.00 a day, how long do you see this competition lasting? Might as well just let the wallet warriors throw their credit cards at each other, there is no point for anyone else to compete, you cannot win unless you do the same. It is sad though it is probably one of the more enjoyable things added to the game. Too bad nothing is sacred when it comes to the almighty dollar.