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  1. I don't have godstone and boss is agroing barricade and not me. In this video your barricade had less hp before the boss than mine does most of the time, but boss focuses barricade always until it's dead, then me.
  2. Greetings, Crashes: I've done quite a few of Contaminated Underpath instances. It is no secret it has a chance to crash your game client. It was reported by a dozen of players on forums, as well as people keep posting about it in other places (like reddit). I myself sometimes have 3 out of 10 runs crash, sometimes 1 out of 10. I doubt I ever had a 10 runs streak without a crash. Sad part is: if you are not afking and are actively trying to get an A or S grade bundle, and crash on the 3rd wave or later - by the time you come back - boss is dead and not even a B grade bundle for you. T
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