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  1. 2 hours ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

    On 12/25 you will loose all your Brazilian customers to a serious 4.x server, including me, do you know why? Because you are not listening to the players.

    Aion’s pve has always been bad, people enjoy this game because of pvp, wich now is  not fun. It’s Impossible to pvp against a vandal/sin with +5 atk runes and no animation, to get things worse most of them are running in ulti transform and rank S minions, I’m full bitterhorn +15 and still getting 1 shotted.

    I agree. I am one of Brazilians who will not spend more time playing NC's Aion.

    This event was a full piece of Nyerk, how can they give only 1 item for a FULL SERVER? How can NC doesnt care about hacking and Botting and Cheating? W** is this? 
    NC should learn with bigger companies, and BAN HAMMER on all hackers without mercy.

    I was being awaken till late to try at least a +12 Stigma, and before the NPC appears, 6 packs of Stigmas are GONE. Scripts everywhere, hackers are the owner of this server.



    @Kibbelz You guys doesnt care about players complaining about scripters/hackers taking ALL the event stuffs, you guys dont give a nyerk to your players. Even when everyone is yelling "SCRIPTERS AND HACKERS ARE NOT ALLOWING HONEST PLAYERS TO BUY ANYTHING ON NPCS", you guys are pretending not seeing it. Well... Merry X-mas to NC, and good bye for a game that i played for around 11 Years. I am leaving to a serious 4.x game server, with a staff who realy does care with their players.

  2. I just returned to the game after 3 months and.... where da f*** is everyone? The server is empty, Looks like a private and failed server, broker stuffs doesnt sell, ppl doesnt make groups for nothing!! 

    How many players are actually playing? 

    I hope NC merge KT and DN =( 

  3. Hey Guys! I Just made another video about Aion Classic, found some lost mp4s here, its a 10 years old (edited) video! So Check this out and take a look how aion classic could be in NA for us 😃

    (The video is in Portuguese lol so... :X)

    Basically i explain that the ranger had abyss lvl 30 gear, so he could kill 50's !! 

    Zot was the Azphel's Elyos Nighmare, since he ganked everyone (ungeared ppl).

    Well... here it goes!




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