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  1. i've killed more than 3k mobs in 2 days. only to get 2 ice picks. i ran all the 3-man instances and no ice picks. been running linkgate and raksang since the event started. no ice picks. how is this fair to anyone i don't get it?
  2. i've killed at least 1500 mobs since yesterday. they don't drop bag of ice at all. also about ice picks dropping from bosses; dropping for one party member is okay but it would be way better if they dropped from bosses all the time. they rarely drop and it's really annoying when people don't set loot to common or above. cause whoever loots the boss takes the ice pick first, which is totally unfair.
  3. for the love of god. please put Aquilon's Crystal on bcm. mine is skinned on Kahrun's Shield and it's not extractable i'm feeling extreme pain
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