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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 20, 2019

    Hello Cyan, Can we get rewards for Arena of Harmony since you sent me the rewards for Discipline?
  2. so you actually get 15 stones in total.
  3. btw wtb 100 legendary pvp stones and 3 ultimate stones for 100$ as a bundle I heard people got their rank 1 rewards plus rank 4 rewards after sending a ticket ^^
  4. Its ok, NC west will be sending 500+ red pvp stone to players for free every month, and by the end of the patch everyone should be able to have top gears ^.^ What a truly free-to-play Aion it is! Pay-to-win players like myself should just quit and play other games hahahaha
  5. Regarding tonight's EC afk-kick

    By the way, apply quick queue and join the alliance formed by asmo-alts, enjoy the 15min of no fun with full afking at elyo base!
  6. Regarding tonight's EC afk-kick

    All i want to say is that you don't deserve the win when you are afking in EC hoping for a win, and you also don't deserve the win when you are afraid of dying in EC. I will take all the blames.
  7. Thank you, some random reports just made me quit.

  8. Thank you, some random reports just made me quit.

    The ban was lifted after I submitted a threatening ticket to them. It took 3 hours in total.
  9. Just got banned for typing some message in-game. Guess freedom of speech is not in Aion NA. Thanks to you who actually report instead of taking the message as a joke. LOL Bye
  10. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    If your request went through, farm bots would support you running for the next president!

    First of all, I'm glad that DevilNest-KT replied most of the questions for me. As you may noticed, my playstyle in Chaos/Glory is that I dont usually abuse kills. The only situation I would go for massive kill amounts is when 2 or more players focus only on me. I remember during these chaos matches, at least 2 or 3 players are teammed up targeting me. You said I did not receive any dmg in the end, my answer is that there is a potion that makes you invincible for 40s. Luckily I had that potion. Sorry for ruining your chaos experience! Have a nice day ^.^
  12. win 10

    Uninstall the current win10 patch, go back to older win10 version. Thats how i fixed the problem. Its Xigncode(which doesnt start in latest win10) which causes the starting game problem.