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  1. @Cyan Joker's Special Grade Transformation Box (30 types) on this reward how many % to get the Ultimate Transformation Contract? Joker’s Special Grade Transformation Box (12 types) how many % ? Joker’s Shining Special High Grade Transformation Box (9 types) % ? 2% ?? If u want us to pay 5k usd for the ultimate transformation contract just put it on BCM,much easier.
  2. Compensation for the returning players

    The fact is, your friends, chose not to engage in any GP events. So, they are not ranked. Thus, they should not be compensated, period. Because, they can gain any amount of AP by going into those AP instances, which I don't think they even went to any, cuz they are "returned" players. Furthermore, they did not go to any AP instances, GP&AP instances, or sieges. They are either PVE players, or AFK players. WHY should they get the compensation while they were not even active? With that being said, they don't deserve any of compensation, at all.
  3. Compensation for the returning players

    Matter of fact, they did not return, and they would not play full instance and siege runs even if there was no bug. Stop crying for compensations when they don't even deserve it.
  4. Compensation for the returning players

    They took YOUR advice. You are not NC soft GM. Let them quit. Those 30m AP and ultimate stones wouldn't get them anywhere.
  5. simple calculation(of course its not accurate): 25,293 * (12,323/358,756) = 868.795613 KRW millions = 739,275.56 USD IN AION(Combining NCWest and NC EU). Quarterly earning of 739,275 USD is not that bad tho.
  6. After testing many runs, the highest dps loadout would be: 1 New DAGGER, 1 Old SWORD. (because old sword has higher dmg span than dagger) with 1.1 attack speed(faster than double sword). Or try replace Sword by Mace if you wanna test it. ***Tips for instance at final boss room: 1st boss, just auto attack, you wont die to it. 2nd boss: the boss will cast skill that drop 50% of your HP, so be fast eating that higher Potion otherwise you will die. 3rd--- final boss, you will need templar shield on you, then go auto attack boss(you will gain aggro once you attack boss). If you die, dont panic, just rest and go back to continue. Your friendly teammates can ress you by using normal stones too. Just let them know if you prefer ress at boss. ^ ^ Also, for those think this method is hack/bug, my understanding is that the instance itself gives you two choices: you can pick to transform, or you can pick not transform. I pick not to transform to show those mobs the real power of 5.8 gears, XD.
  7. Use dual weapon, need 1 old weapon like <Master Harvester's Dagger>, plus 1 new weapon, like <Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Sword> mine. Then find a temp who can shield u when you attack boss. typically the final boss will die under 10 sec. The little boss will die under 2 hits(if crit). The team setup will be 1 Temp, 1 Glad, and 1 player with dual weapon(with good stats) (Do not take Sorcerer). ** Since your auto can 1 hit kill most mobs, kill those high point mobs first. **The first two bosses in the final room will not one shot you, so Temp can save shields for the third boss(which can one shot u) and so on. **You may also wear old gears for higher weapon dmg.(But you will lose Crit stats) My dmg per hit is 25k if no crit, 50k if crit. Enjoy the fun event with dual weapons! Rip Sorcerer
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 20, 2019

    Hello Cyan, Can we get rewards for Arena of Harmony since you sent me the rewards for Discipline?
  9. btw wtb 100 legendary pvp stones and 3 ultimate stones for 100$ as a bundle I heard people got their rank 1 rewards plus rank 4 rewards after sending a ticket ^^
  10. Its ok, NC west will be sending 500+ red pvp stone to players for free every month, and by the end of the patch everyone should be able to have top gears ^.^ What a truly free-to-play Aion it is! Pay-to-win players like myself should just quit and play other games hahahaha