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  1. @Cyan Posted Friday at 01:35 PM The November preview will not be coming out this month in lieu of something better next week. The surprise was that the event ends?
  2. @Cyan this time limit is also for the Essence Core??
  3. New System – Daevanion Skills

    @Hime One question, the Shulack, the smuggler Shukirukin, do they work in the same way as frogs? that is, each member is given an old Daevanion Skill Box or just delivers one.
  4. @Cyan Is there any limit to kinah? I want to say that if I have 3000000000 I would get 100 bullion and 1200000000. 6000000000 would give me 200 bullion and 2400000000 and so on
  5. thank you very much for clarifying my doubt Cyan
  6. @Cyan I need an answer I'm lost, I have my Distorted Sunayaka +25, will receive two weapons one ultimate + 0 and one legendary + 15? Or can I just choose one of the two?
  7. Cyan sorry for bothering you, I was checking the list of parts exchanges, according to that list and I raised my helmet. Master Harvested +8 would give me "Choice of a piece of PvP armor at the level of enchantment indicated and rarity". That is, that box would contain any part of the pvp armor that I choose. I am right?
  8. I definitely feel very sad

    It is incredible the sad feeling of seeing a game to which I dedicate so much time and with which I had such good moments. I am a f2p player unfortunately my economic situation does not favor me to be able to invest money in the game, but throughout these years I never had problems to play, that is, the p2w players always existed, which I do not see badly. Funny because they were a little better armed and presented a challenge. This is my point that they were always a little better armed, but at this moment it is directly impossible. Look that my team is not the best, but I have gear +15 good stones, jewels +7, I could only update two pieces. The problem is that with that team they kill me with two skills, that is, it is not fun anymore nor does it represent a challenge to play against a p2w at this moment it is directly impossible, so I am forced to abandon the game. , that I love and that I have many friends. Nobody cares that a f2p stop playing, but a few months ago I have been observing in the abbys ranking that I charge 3 or 4 positions each week to what today I am army3 without doing gp, that leads me to the conclusion that the game is being emptied. I'm not the first, the problem will come when there are only 4 p2w groups left on the server: / where would the fun be? For a long time, in instances pvp idl kamar, etc., we are always the same people. As I said at the beginning, I do not see any harm in having p2w. What I see wrong is the difference between them and us that never happened in aion and saddens me. This event was the opportunity for players like me to catch up without reaching the level of p2w, but to be fun the pvp and not only that this event did not help us catch up, but put in the store and temperings, omegas and we add it for the server buff, it increases even more the difference between the players.
  9. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    Are those real prices? Are you telling me that I need to spend 1 hour farmeando to get 1 omega? Does it make any sense to you? place the non-tradable omegas if you want, but not all can be 24/7 to get a bit of the event, it seems totally illogical ... we went from paying an omega from 10 to 250 ... I understand that the calculation is wrong at first, but understand or see the difference, we went from 10 to 250