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  1. Players: 


    Getting mounts for new/returning players without p2w is impossible, please NCsoft help!



    Best we can do is a rubbish event with limited purchases with limited mounts, give us $ if you want something perm!

    PS I agree, get rid of the rewards/limits you have on the website, replace with Event Coins, make the players happy again!

  2. Another midwest player here, before the change I was steady in the 50s, after the change I bounce from the 80s to the unplayable 10,000+. I changed to a Google DNS server and it helped a little, now I play in the low 100s and it bounces to the 300s. It' annoying and I def won't be able to run any hard mode instances with this unsteady ping. Open world farming, afk lunaz, and face tank the broker. That's all most of us have been doing since the change. I'm sure NCsoft has noticed that in their logs that many players are not running instances now due to this lag. Grats to the east coast players though that are living it up while the rest of us can't play though! 

  3. Halloween Event - Log in get 10 blasts. Run 3 instances..then log off for the day cause you don't want to loose out or screw other players over for the Pumpkin King kills... GG NCwest. You found a way to make players play less. Angry mothers against video games across the world applaud you!

  4. 3 minutes ago, Rag-DN said:

    @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime   Can one of you please put a stop to this panic? It's getting out of control in LFG, Legionchats, Social media and here on the forums. Some players are actually avoiding enchanting or running instances because they are afraid of a rollback that will undo any progress they make right now. Please just tell us straight up that you are not going to do a server rollback and are working on a solution with a rough time frame of when we can expect a solution to be announced or implemented. Take control of this situation. Communicate. 

     Yeah don't be a Trumpunerk and cause panic! 

    Also.. Why did the XP increase end? I thought that was for a longer time?

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