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  1. So am I the only one thinking that whoever is in charge at NCwest doesn't even play the game? Seriously...this has been one slap in the face after the other. A few years ago we cringed as GameForge took over EU and watched all the EU players flock to NCwest NA servers...now we're all running trying to get into the EU servers cause at least GameForge knows how the heck to do halfway decent events! Seriously NCwest, you're an embarrassment to the NA game development society!
  2. Seriously wtf is wrong with you KT players attacking people from DN that mention the resets? Yes it's inconvenient that the KT server keeps bugging out, but usually within an HOUR of it bugging you guys get a reset. Those that are smart and active have now gotten 3x more runs in than DN players in the last few days alone and prob will get another one Sunday, yet you guys are all attacking DN players that point this out as if your server is unplayable 23 out of 24 hours a day, which it's not. This is what NCsoft needs to do: 1. Say sorry to KT players and fix the nerking servers.
  3. I play on DN and from the midwest. I also had this issue. Still can't get in game, launcher sometimes gets to the login screen, but usually freezes before then. Get to the login, type in login, then it says can't connect and closes. Re-installed launcher, still same issue. The few friends I know that play still from around here all say their ping has gone to crap though, very unstable.
  4. This is the first time I ever logged in to post on the forums. This event has good rewards! But like others say, having to use your alts is lame. Some of us do not have geared alts or the time to run them. Make candy blast like Pine Needs at the end of last event, or give us 1 per hour for being logged in. Please?
  5. It's bad enough you gave P2W heros free +9 stigmas.... Now you're giving out Celestial gear for the credit card champs? Dumb.... (PS Please don't change siege to later, make it earlier!)
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