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  1. Hey canyoue discuss israphel and kahrun and summarize them I know as you said earluer israphel was the one who plotted everything early on but how did he meet his end? Isnit still accurate that siel took him back with her And is what about kahrun? Is he alive and well?
  2. Got you So in pve is spirits even useful at end game beside mitigating damage?
  3. So because sorc hit so hard it makes it more valuable in pve? Right and how is it in pvp because im sure i wont be able to avoid pvp as i go through abyss and other maps etc
  4. Hello everyone! I am a returning player and ibwant to know which class is more valuable pve wise?which is easier to level? Sm- fears, need near perfect rotation for high dps buffs and debuffs,pets(are they valuable end game??)skills that heal them as well correct me if im wrong Sorc- high dps which cuts through mobs faster i assume, sleep Is there anything im missing? Thanks in advance✊?
  5. Hi everyone, i am a returning player and i love the lore! Can i have a summary of what happened after the downfall of tiamat ,leading up to the current day
  6. Honestly I have to say that i truly appreciate every response given as it has given me a very clear view of the state ofbthe game and answered my questions. I currently have a 59sm and a 35 sorc. The thing that really made me love this game initially was the community and the lore. To be the 13th emperean lord and to he immortal and to play a game where its three factions two of them being player and the thirs being the ai and knowing a dredgion ship could come and the wars that took place. It was all fantastic and innovative at its time. I will be watching from the side and wait to
  7. I heard the 5 servers merged onto two so im guessing that it is pretty active but what i want to know is the state of the game as far as the lore and content and is ppl doing siege and open world abyss pvp. Is aion pve easy to group up in or do you have to wait for 50mins to hours?
  8. Hey thanks for your reply and opinion as well. I played spirit master up til now and decided to reroll so im asking because even tho i faced sorc b4 i never played as one and im seeing it is worth it. I hear ppl say stay with sm they are better all the way around but then i hear the opposite as well. Now i figure with pet sm would be better at soloing but i also want to make sure that its still doable with sorc as well. What is that website u talkung bout and wat do u prefer
  9. So spiritmaster has alot of supporting skills and of course "fear" but ppl only use one because dots still dont stack after all this time, so better for solo but only find one in a group Where as sorc dont have alitbof utility but will or can find more in a group correct? Which one do better in pvp
  10. Why do you say if any? And dont you think the merge will spice things up for the pvp?
  11. Im a returning player and i wanted to know what was the current state of pvp between the factions? I know in the past Elyos leadership was strong as well as Asmodians Is it even or is one faction running things?
  12. I read the comic of and the arch daeva.the story start Viola(elyos) like many others was attacked by the Balaur. Her family was killed before her very eyes, but then right when she was about to get killed the archdaeva stepped in and killed the balaur. From that moment on the arch daeva protected viola and they grew close. She got older as time went on and then the meeting with the dragon lords happened. After it was all over and years gone by during the time of tiamat fall ,viola met with ariel and sent her to find the archdaeva and realize she had part of his power in her.
  13. WHAT?!!! He isnt human like the rest of the daeva? He is a seperate being altogether?! Wow!!! He had to be powerful either way .This is awesome! I hope i can find the comics etc If i have any further question can i ask you? And thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge. When i first started to play Aion a ling time ago ppl actually cared about the lore. Its great to see someone is still around
  14. Ok so siel didnt sacrifice herself to stabilize the tower? Or was it the arch daeva or both? So we are the reincarnated version of him hmmm that dope! Comic? Where can i read and learn all of this
  15. Woooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into writing this! Sheeeesh i cant wait to see everything for myself as well. Now what is this arch deva? Is he/she the 13th lord? and are we the archdaeva?
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