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  1. Are the dev's absolute morons or what? Explain to me how its possible for a Temp to pull me from further away than my bow reaches. Why is a ranger's range the shortest of all the classes? RANGE is in their damn name. This is beyond stupid bordering on absurd.
  2. Just curious as to when NCSoft is gonna follow its own TOS and ban the bots that are everywhere? Don't want to hear they help the economy cause thats bs. They are more of a problem than they are a help. Gen Crystal kill quests take twice as long to do because bots are everywhere . It clearly states in your TOS that auto hunting is violation. Do something about it.
  3. You don't need cyan to answer this for you... I will.... its the Rainbow Snake Event.... a lame event that gives a costume and thats it. It will in absolutely no way make up for the fiasco they have created with the Tia Eye Event. Don't hold your breath for any events with decent rewards. The Tia Eye event was our chance to get decent stuff to help purify gear. They have proven they don't give a crap about the community.
  4. You can't be serious with these new prices. It is already damn near impossible for the casual player to keep up with the ppl that have no lives and live in game 24/7. Some of us have JOBS or run our own business. To expect them to farm the amount of coins needed to get the rewards they are after is almost impossible. I can see raising the prices 5 times maybe even 10 times the original prices but to raise them 25x the original prices is LUDICROUS. For a game that is supposed to be "Truly Free" you force ppl to buy nccoin for items to resell in game so that they have enough kinah to compete wit
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