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  1. Proud to be returning played

    Thanks mate
  2. Proud to be returning played

    Hello folks, I started playing two days ago. I noticed the player base it pretty lower than before (dunno which patch it was but the level cap was 55). I have a couple of questions though: 1. On which level does the actual game begin now? Endgame I mean 2. Are Low level instances below BT needed? I am grinding BT for XP now. 3. How is the best gear acquired now? PVP or PVE? 4. How many players do you think are playing daily? It will hardly change my mind to play or not, since the nostalgia has hit me so hard once I downloaded it again. I am from Europe and I am playing with much lesser online people than you ( dont like GameForge model - money are not a problem, behavior is) 5. Do the old crafting system make sense now? 6. Are abyss instances such as Miren, Krotan etc worth it now? Thank you for the spent time guys, replies are highly appreciated.