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  1. up here to keep the flame burning OR improves or can shut the doors NC Shit
  2. What can I say for you, the topic here and for those who are discouraged by all this worse and the company in the face we were ignored will push us to a blatant event where clarification shows that the company wants the player to nyerk it just wants money. The current event of the BCM shows this nyerk the players want money, anyway guys sorry PokeALot-DN I really offended you and I will not deny, but do not come defend the NC here not because you can disagree I can nyerk you who can more cries less. The Tiamaranta event is not the only thing that NC messed up but for the BCM event
  3. my dear, I do not fight for TIA I fight for the hackers the way they implement the system to make money in the game, the price of the first time may not be so fair but the now is abusive (tiamaranta event) I know that the trash of the company is not mine and the owner does what he wants, but I have the right to disagree with him from everyone Are you one of the few that appears to justify them? they're just nyerking up if the game is going to go down today Do you know why I'm here? because I like the game, I think I'm sorry for the post but you're a guy named cake something
  4. You're the type that accepts everything you try to stick in your ass. and nyerk if you do not like maybe I take ban after all I do not pay more in this game, nc shit prefers to keep nyerking hacking me than banishing me if I am a paying player not that I use hack this is an example of the company trash that this is example of how this company has no character. has no value has no limits to show their true interest company with no reputation among others of the same branch business spoiled.
  5. nyerk out you just talk nyerk want baba NC egg make your own topic your paid nyerk trash sucks egg of adm, shit like you and Lucimon quoted catch and still think that who hit you was right Must be a baboon, what? why? where? where is it? a kind so noisy lost jester silly. and nyerk you if you do not like this too but I think you're posting in the wrong place.
  6. As it's 2 hours from the last post I'm passing here to say that I'm still firm, NCmerda will fall if I do not listen to the players. I think you expect it to be forgotten like everything that has already been done and was accepted but this time I will do my part to continue reminding you and your players friends that you have not done a good job and deserve to be punished A company that does not render a good service deserves to fail although the aion is a great game In your administration, I'd rather not play it any more.
  7. Nc is ignoring you nyerking, feel a lot of anger this shit when putting the NC do not use the COIn shit make the event in NA a failure that this is noticed in NCsoft na, GF that they see as the AION NA and poorly managed if this is seen finally do not forget what happens in the NA a long time after all this is not the first case that is simply ignored, different fame this time, after all they already hope that this will fall into oblivion so do not let it happen do your part
  8. Good words, I clicked here just to congratulate you finally someone did something interesting and finlamnete I was able to agree with something here, Anyway, really if this is forgotten, it will happen the same as happened before and was repeated now do not get carried away by a nyerking buff crap event that's forcing you to use the tempering and omegas you'll get in the first part of the event wake it up and be ignored, will not solve the case of the shitty tiamaranta event and will place this as if the request about aunt was nothing meant nothing and does not deserve a better
  9. the problem is that no one agrees with anyone to post something like this, first have to talk to active players in the game with some status among players In the past ICZEL in KT would be a good person for this (this is an example) nowadays which player has so much respect of players to accept ideas of him? It is logical that it would have to be a player commanding the post he would be respected by all AION NA ... the guy from the post I never saw him, he is DN I am KT but he is someone known in DN he has the respect of the player he has influence on the server he has respect of AIOn NA
  10. I give up, I'm 71 ok, with limited instance per week I'll upar, I do not work I have no life outside the game OK, for god's sake I'm 71 others are 66 I'm an example please is trying to justify something that has no way, group pull has no logic and is not clean solution lkkkkkkk
  11. my friend this does not make sense mob of the coin with% chance is not 100% of that turns coin and it will not be 10 player level low will be many after a mob and making threats with alliance of strong players against a strong middle league does not make sense, I think we're already playing for the players fight (KS) What we need here and find a real solution that will help everyone, not one that helps a part of the players (not that our opniao contes for the retarded NC) You or you are trying to help yourself without looking at your new friend on your side. group pick I'm leve
  12. I was just looking at the vote and thinking who is voting for it? because lvl 75 less will not have any chance and who does not have a group of friends or something of the type will not do well in this, the event is for everyone right I do not know how to solve it, I just know that the way it is best to take and another thing I think we should leave the map as I said in another posting letting the map not do the event would be a form of protest that we never do, NA practically accepts everything after 3 days, is going to happen a few days and everyone will have left this question as
  13. the same goes for groups, my final opinion is that this also does not solve the problem, this would be an event for level 75 only.
  14. cool there lvl 75 less would not have chance who has not set top or high dps would look at the strong get everything, very good idea ... probably you should be a player 75 with his perfect set and some kind of dominating group Bad idea for low levels Do you really think whoever is winning goes to win others in his place?
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