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  1. I know we're all just shouting into the air when we post on the forums since nobody of importance ever reads these posts, but the sad part is, that even though it's old content, a huge majority of the population still did the work to get the pumpkins, and it just gets taken away from us. Isn't the point of an event to incentivize people to log on and play the game? A company that knows what they are doing will find a reason to make old content relevant for end game goals. After the change happened, there were significantly less LFG postings for anything. It just baffles me how much NCW
  2. I like how people act like you can't farm AP in this patch.
  3. In-game definition of Elyos lol. 300 PINKS IS 300 AP
  4. That's a pretty valid point, but that's assuming the staff plays the game, reads the forum or understands how the game works. I would be impressed if they had any idea that the community thinks negatively about them.
  5. I get a little jealous too when I see a random templar whaling out when the Adma GS goes on sale but that's just the game. I've been 3 weeks with no Adma drops running every day, but nothing has changed in 11 years. Loot rights are a great way to make money in this game if your group gets lucky. It's still so early on though, the price of L/R will drop tremendously over the next few weeks, eventually it will become a lot more affordable. Hopefully you have a good group to run with, because how much you enjoy Aion largely depends on the people you play with, so try to enjoy it while i
  6. Uhh.. You do know, Trailblazer is a 30 day title right? You can't see it because NCSoft hasn't figured out how to fit all the text in the box but it's a 30 day title. Definitely not permanent, you really think they would give us a title like that permanently?
  7. Hi! I used to regularly have 13-29 ms ping (Texas), but last night at Pradeth, I got 334 ms ping steadily. Good times had by all.
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    Hi, Vergen
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