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  1. I like how people act like you can't farm AP in this patch.
  2. In-game definition of Elyos lol. 300 PINKS IS 300 AP
  3. That's a pretty valid point, but that's assuming the staff plays the game, reads the forum or understands how the game works. I would be impressed if they had any idea that the community thinks negatively about them.
  4. I get a little jealous too when I see a random templar whaling out when the Adma GS goes on sale but that's just the game. I've been 3 weeks with no Adma drops running every day, but nothing has changed in 11 years. Loot rights are a great way to make money in this game if your group gets lucky. It's still so early on though, the price of L/R will drop tremendously over the next few weeks, eventually it will become a lot more affordable. Hopefully you have a good group to run with, because how much you enjoy Aion largely depends on the people you play with, so try to enjoy it while i
  5. Uhh.. You do know, Trailblazer is a 30 day title right? You can't see it because NCSoft hasn't figured out how to fit all the text in the box but it's a 30 day title. Definitely not permanent, you really think they would give us a title like that permanently?
  6. Hi! I used to regularly have 13-29 ms ping (Texas), but last night at Pradeth, I got 334 ms ping steadily. Good times had by all.
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    Hi, Vergen
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