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  1. not logged in this forum, (or the game), in a while but I wanted to update you if possible from what I've found and also emailed Nvidia about the issue, it's on NC's end and they wouldn't go into details. so that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth as well. here's the link. but I'm guessing you've already seen it.




    now I'm off to other games, as this one seems to be more about wallet then players having fun.

    wishing everyone a great day.

  2. the system deleted my paragon enchantment stones I bought few weeks back, was saving up to do paragon.
    I won't bother doing any purchases for this event. it's becoming abundantly clear this game is grossly mismanaged and very little care of any level.
    AND you can't even get tiamaranta's eye to work properly. like seriously

    @Kibbelz @Hime @Gideon @Loki

    we see as a community how "transparent" your upper management is and decisions made upon the game play for a community.

  3. I'm currently having this issue as well.


    I'm attempting a work around/ fix/ prayer or voodoo. will post update.

    update 1: the 100% issue is gone, however the client will force close upon splash screen loading


    hey bro, I just fixed it on my pc.


    run game as admin, turn off shugo console etc if it used.

    do another file repair, then click play. if you get loading screen it will go a bit slower this time

    but it should load up. if your still having issues tag me and I'll try to reply asap.

  4. REMINDER: the team is on seasonal break until 4th of January 



    (I don't want to be making calls and emailing people next week.)

    I don't have the best rig out there or fiber optic internet.

    but I do run about 30~34ms. ( I live close to server). anyway~

    Like other players, after several attempts, I am unable to get any items as well. I've tried other event NPC's ;

    and also tried to reduce my graphics etc to gain a few ms to see if that would help, unfortunately to no avail.


    Reactionlarge portion of the player community is very upset and displeased about the purchase limits.

    Resolution:  Modify the Event NPC's to allow limited purchases per player, extend the event by 1 week.


    @Kibbelz  @Loki @Hime

    I know, personally and professionally that our

    NA(west) team can send this suggestion or similar changes to NCwest to make these changes,

    send you guys the updated code, and apply it at next maintenance. Following maintenance, (not 2 or 3 weeks later).


    I, like other players spend a very large chunk of money on this game.

    we expect transparency, understanding, and appropriate turn around time for corrections to game issues, especially game breaking issues.

    I can deal and tolerate hacking/bots/RMT.



    whelp. I said my peace.  sorry for the "wall of text" however, this has gotten out of hand, now I'm involved.


  5. I claimed my needles around 2pm est yesterday. I went today after 2pm to collect my new set of pine needles for the day and apparently I can't collect them. gives me the "exceeded purchase limit"

    I know this is limited to 1/day per acct. however I've not claimed them on any other toon. Anyone else having this issue? I don't want to make a ticket if it's a known issue.

  6. 25 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

    Hi again everyone,

    This is not the feedback we were hoping to see, and it's clear we missed the mark with our first attempt. We'd like to try again:

    Rather than retrieving the transformations and items, we'd like to pivot our response by instead sending all players an [Event] Locked Hanbok Pixel Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 Types) via survey. Since some players already used their key on the box they acquired for free initially, this will only impact players who still have a key. Based on the feedback we've seen, we will also be adding [Event] Honey Songpyeon x10 to the survey.

    Finally, we want to acknowledge the difficulty in obtaining Pine Needles, so we intend to add a free daily Pine Needle (10x) Bundle to the store through 10/21.

    We hope this solution feels more appropriate. Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts to us here on the forums; it's because of your passion we can respond like this at all. Let us know what you think - we'll all keep watching here.

    Thank you for the help, this option seems more reasonable.


    I said my peace, later tater.


  7. Quote

    back when the new patch came out and I opened the wrong piece for my templar from the armor boxes they provided to us for compensation they were able to rebox the item for me so i could re-select the right item for my templar.

    Sadly they only do 1 (one) redo per year, you can re-request it, maybe one of them will help you again.

    However I do not think they will replace it a second time.

  8. a couple of whales wanted a new server so they got it. it's dying. no surprise.

    some choosing to follow for better rank/gear/friends etc. whatever the reasoning, they made that choice.


    if a merge is a must,

    then players who made new toons on EK but still have other accounts elsewhere

    needs to be taken into account, so not to over populate one side or the other..again.

    and it shall be handled same way as on IS/KR/TM/BR


    inb4 more server instability and lag.

  9. Quote
    7 minutes ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

    Who in blazes have over 2M GP ?


    I agree. it would just make another problem.

    the ones who farmed the gp in old patches to keep position, no issues there.

    compensation for said GP, however, is.

    better giving everyone like... maybe 100 GB if active since 6.2 launch or within last 2 weeks, whichever looks better on officiate paperwork, lol.

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