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  1. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    It really is rng, and if it sucks for you then, well, gg. Around 190 stones to get x5 +12’s to +15. Spent 190 on one stigma which went back to 13. Rng at its finest.
  2. Ring Event (or kinah sink event)

    Don't give up! I constantly failed ancient to legendary until just yesterday i finally got my brilliant ring in one go. I know it's really demoralizing to see constant failure but keep trying and if it doesn't work out, at least you tried.
  3. BCM Housing Scam

    We really appreciate you guys fixing this in a timely manner but what about more furniture items, putting back furniture npcs, etc.? Please for the love of the empyrean lords bring them all back for us!
  4. BCM Housing Scam

    @Cyan please take a look!! Housing is an important part of the game too, we want these back please
  5. BCM Housing Scam

    Seriously, why remove furniture npc’s? Why delete all the luna recipes? We are WILLING to spend $ for these things!! It’s like you guys are disgusted by money or something. Please bring back the recipes and furniture nps!!!!! We want something to do at the end of day instead of being afk half the time
  6. Please Please Furnitures

    @Cyan Other pages on forums don’t get a lot of love so I figured I’d post here.. I would ask for nothing more but to put back furnitures and crafts back into the game please.. I’m sure there are many people in this game who would love to have more options back to decorate our houses! All I see is the breezy furniture set wherever I go and it’s honestly starting to get really depressing. I myself would honestly spend $ to be able to get more furniture and it’s also sad that most wall mounts and such aren’t available in the game anymore. Think of the extra revenue you guy’s can bring in and how much more happy some players would be playing this game! I cannot imagine why furniture and such would be removed in the first place, but decorating and building in aion is something I really enjoyed after all the pvpve.. Please please pleaseee bring all the lovely furniture, merchants, wall mounts, and figures back into the game! 🥺
  7. Enchantment Rates

    yes failing 14 ult stones on my +13 legendary shoulders really cut my morale, but got it to +15 on my 16th ult stone lol
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 22, 2020

  9. Just wondering...

    Real easy to get to lv 80 now (luna, campaign, blue quests) AP gained from those pvp accessories is now abysmal compared to what you can earn now in (herelym mine) + pvp instances. You can still trade in old relics for ap at sanctum though.
  10. Boy you complainin about opening 33 and getting two of the decent rewards..? Some of us here opening over a 100 and yet to have gotten an ancient contract or stigma stone lol.. consider yourself lucky in this lame event
  11. 7.2 PvP Tier by class

    yes everytime i see a sm i anger
  12. 7.2 Coming January 29th?

    woohoo! spending over 5$ per ult stone socket amazing price!! derp herp :peepotard:
  13. Event is GG suggestion

    Event rng is rubbish for me, so not gona bother farming this time. Opened close to 50 boxes and not one ult stone/manastone daeva essence ancient transformation scroll. Also 5 genesis crystal and like one frag with some pos cookie nty not worth the energy and time.. only thing i look foward to is the cute outfit box that drops from the event boss
  14. 7.2 PvP Tier by class

    Godstone vision skill weapons will come back to haunt everyone again in 7.5
  15. Daevanion Skill Enchantment Success Rates (Korea)

    Ooh didnt know using the same skillbook yields better rates, thanks!