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  1. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    no it wasn't him it was chovegeta! honestly at this point it's just getting repetitive telling people to play what they enjoy most. There was a time when they called it Gladion cuz glads are too op lolol

    Honestly the best event we ever had.. Even got a couple A rank minions off of that event! Literally fun + great rewards, why can't we get something like this again??
  3. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    Only thing exciting are the swimwear costumes!!

    U said “a yours truly” which either way doesnt make a mean quote any more nice. My whole point was to give an event to help out new/old ungeared people and you just implied the same thing as well. So i really don’t understand why you quoted me in the first place..? To further prove my point if the whales are ready for watever comes their way why is it bad for Nc to throw an event to help out the lesser population? Unless you just wanted to start an argument over literally nothing lol. Unless you’re a whale yourself (and that’s totally fine too) you and i are on the same team I don’t have as much free time compared to people who stay on all day (nothing wrong with that too) Just would really appreciate it if NC can give some helpful events to even try and combat fully geared people. Yes they put their hard work and money into it and it would be upsetting for them to see nc hand out freebies but anything at all to help the lesser community not die in two hits would be appreciated. Also no hard feelings really, sorry if it made you feel that way

    Less consistency and focus..? lol are you okay? no need to really bad mouth anyone in here whos just writing their thoughts but whatever floats your boat! Maybe you should read a post til the end, just makes you look ignorant In case you didn't know we're talking about 7.0 here, and whales aren't done gearing when 7.0 hits right away? I just gave an opinion because there are people saying things which you obviously hadn't read yet, and I suggest you read the last two sentences i wrote in my previous post before saying unnecessary comments with quotes lmao

    Honestly you already got em to +15 so just save your gen crystals, ap, stones, and frags to upgrade from your t2 legendary. No point in trying to spend more to enchant em to +15 ult t1 unless you have the supplies to spend. I didnt have a lot of +15 legendaries so i just extracted them all and saving all the mats til 7.0! Also tbh feeding the whales thru events is indeed upsetting seeing them gear up faster, but then again without these events how are the new/old ungeared people ever going to catch up? People with ult will continue to have ult gear so it’ll just be harder on us to even catch up quick without a good event.. In the end people will ultimately have end game gear but the sooner everyone has it the sooner there will be less complaints and we can have more fun doing pvp on equal grounds! Winning with actual skill difference is more rewarding than just two shotting people due to huge gear gaps imo
  7. Like @Hellish-DN said it has a really short animation and with it +15 its literally the same cd as your sigil strike/ fang chain.. idk just seems really good to me! Oh and dash & slash can be repeated 2x just in case my fellow sins didn’t know yet
  8. Thought you just needed to break open the jail doors and free 10 prisoners? Crude bombs are the same mob locations and i think in the old bos you guys needed to break an orb on the 3rd floor or something cant remember 100%
  9. Sin Efficient pain run dmg increase from 5740 -> 11480??? Did they really double the dmg on a low cd skill wow
  10. instance queues

    LOL people replied to your question with answers and it somehow turns into a hate thread...

    yes. Frags, stones, and more luna options
  12. Legendary Transform from a 62 Type Contract ?

    wow congrats! and to get a good one for your class too! odds are surely in your favor
  13. Ultimate Firebrand Items

    The only viable option is to set on your view detail and let them see themselves
  14. Honestly. 1. Luna skins/mounts 2. Fighting Frags 3. 27,000 priced trans scrolls I’ve always wanted to craft the death horse mount but never popped up.. this constant breezy furniture and dark/light skins are getting me real irritated tbh. If anything at all the variety of random luna skins/mounts made me want to login at least.