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  1. It’s been broken.. I’ve waited 3 hours once right after i opened the chest, still no dice. I gave up after the 3 hour mark, so i really don’t know how long it actually takes to respawn.
  2. wouldn't recommend an evasion set as your 1st set. A lot of people have an accuracy set and you wouldn't be doing any damage either. I'd say make a dps set first, and retune the stats as hp/crit/mdef/pdef. i mean unless you're absolutely sure u can reach past 18k evasion, sure why not? More players are getting collections done, and for me i have a flat 17.3k accuracy on my dps set even though i don't even have any accuracy on my retunes.
  3. yup fused 2 the other day and got S kromede
  4. you can still use the old launcher until october
  5. Is there going to be an increase on the amount of prestige coins we receive daily? Also wondering if the prestige quests can give an increased amount of coins as well for the reward.
  6. Personally i socketed every single piece with attack manastones except one with full crit to achieve 5300 (without food buff). 30% crit should be your base and anymore than that i deem unnecessary since your daeva ambush gives you 100% crit for 4s at +15. Id recommend finishing cubics (att/crit/acc) and try to get as much transformation collection stats as possible. Some of them give a lot of crit in total, which gives you the option to just socket full attack manastones into your gear. The reason to why people use pvp gear in pve is possibly that they do not have any pve gear, or might not be
  7. It really is rng, and if it sucks for you then, well, gg. Around 190 stones to get x5 +12’s to +15. Spent 190 on one stigma which went back to 13. Rng at its finest.
  8. Don't give up! I constantly failed ancient to legendary until just yesterday i finally got my brilliant ring in one go. I know it's really demoralizing to see constant failure but keep trying and if it doesn't work out, at least you tried.
  9. We really appreciate you guys fixing this in a timely manner but what about more furniture items, putting back furniture npcs, etc.? Please for the love of the empyrean lords bring them all back for us!
  10. @Cyan please take a look!! Housing is an important part of the game too, we want these back please
  11. Seriously, why remove furniture npc’s? Why delete all the luna recipes? We are WILLING to spend $ for these things!! It’s like you guys are disgusted by money or something. Please bring back the recipes and furniture nps!!!!! We want something to do at the end of day instead of being afk half the time
  12. @Cyan Other pages on forums don’t get a lot of love so I figured I’d post here.. I would ask for nothing more but to put back furnitures and crafts back into the game please.. I’m sure there are many people in this game who would love to have more options back to decorate our houses! All I see is the breezy furniture set wherever I go and it’s honestly starting to get really depressing. I myself would honestly spend $ to be able to get more furniture and it’s also sad that most wall mounts and such aren’t available in the game anymore. Think of the extra revenue you guy’s can bring in and how
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