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  1. yes failing 14 ult stones on my +13 legendary shoulders really cut my morale, but got it to +15 on my 16th ult stone lol
  2. https://tenor.com/view/oh-shrek-cat-amazed-gif-4977652
  3. Real easy to get to lv 80 now (luna, campaign, blue quests) AP gained from those pvp accessories is now abysmal compared to what you can earn now in (herelym mine) + pvp instances. You can still trade in old relics for ap at sanctum though.
  4. Boy you complainin about opening 33 and getting two of the decent rewards..? Some of us here opening over a 100 and yet to have gotten an ancient contract or stigma stone lol.. consider yourself lucky in this lame event
  5. woohoo! spending over 5$ per ult stone socket amazing price!! derp herp :peepotard:
  6. Event rng is rubbish for me, so not gona bother farming this time. Opened close to 50 boxes and not one ult stone/manastone daeva essence ancient transformation scroll. Also 5 genesis crystal and like one frag with some pos cookie nty not worth the energy and time.. only thing i look foward to is the cute outfit box that drops from the event boss
  7. Godstone vision skill weapons will come back to haunt everyone again in 7.5
  8. Ooh didnt know using the same skillbook yields better rates, thanks!
  9. Was never meant to be easily accessible for f2p.. you didnt get any leg cons from the snowballs? I got 3 of em from a total of opening 35 +10’s. Not really worth after you get what u really need, rng tends to suck in my favor
  10. For most dps characters, people tend to have 1 att/crit and 1 acc set. You should have enough hp from base stats/retunes. Your acc should be fine for most classes, unless you go against mr sets, in which you switch to your acc set. If you’re worried about the mr sets, then just roll ma. In the end there really isn’t much to worry about hp
  11. @Cyan would sure be lovely to receive compensation for christmas... the amount of rewards we would’ve got so far missing out on EC is massive now.. Now I’m pretty sure NC wont give us that huge of an amount back as compensation but still, the good people could’ve had a few if not many ult pieces by now..
  12. Update: Total spent $100 x2 ek weapon box x12 ult manastone box x4000 frags x2 daevanion essence x3 ancient contract x2 iceveill wings (smh) x5 ult manastone selectable box x1 ek wings x3 legendary contract x9 legendary enchantment stone x2 aion's gift x4 ultimate enchantment stone selectable box (still no wise dragon king weap) honestly got what i wanted with $100, i consider this event worth! Sucks that we don't get a icy shard when we break our snowballs but watever. Good luck to everyone for the rest of the event!
  13. yea.. well opened 2 more and got 1k frags (again) and another ancient con (-.-) seems like the legendary contracts/wise dragon king % is super low
  14. x1 ek weapon box x6 ult manastone box x1000 frags x1 daevanion essence x1 ancient contract x2 iceveill wings (smh) total opened: 8 prisms
  15. So would u rather have x6 snowballs with rubbish rewards or x2 snowballs at a chance for literally 99% good rewards we can actually use?
  16. @Cyan 100% agree on inputting a morph recipe for C minium to B to A
  17. i mean you're using basic stealth, maybe he had seed? but yea like @Aly-DN said sometimes it bugs out when they have u selected and u go into hide but in reality they don't have you selected. Did he attack u after this scenario? we need more info to actually decide if he's hacking or not.
  18. @Brutallus-DN I'm bleeding from all the head scratching i did reading all this;; just let them gloat or complain don't feed their desire wanting to feel superior over others which is honestly sad to see.. It's just a game, there is always people going around the system and at the end of the day if they get banned. that's that and if not, then oh well we all move on lel
  19. yes other than getting an extra coin per hour w prestige, i got 5 armor boxes and 1 large kinah bundle so far.. total coins probably around 177 coins with 3 lv 80's running all FM/PF/IDD/BoS/Stellin/AFK. Haven't gotten a weapon box yet, which i want the most but not complaining seeing others RNG. This was for 1.5weeks worth but now I'm getting lazy and just doing the instances slowly. Weirdly enough i didn't get any skill card bundles and maybe 1-2 enchantment stone bundles.
  20. I cant buy in game either, go to the website and purchase it, worked for me
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