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  1. The only viable option is to set on your view detail and let them see themselves
  2. Honestly. 1. Luna skins/mounts 2. Fighting Frags 3. 27,000 priced trans scrolls I’ve always wanted to craft the death horse mount but never popped up.. this constant breezy furniture and dark/light skins are getting me real irritated tbh. If anything at all the variety of random luna skins/mounts made me want to login at least.
  3. Yea i mean like i said kr implements changes more often than we do but in the end its better to stick with what you like and fits your playstyle, op or not. Gunner is indeed op but just really takes a lot of time and money to make it to the top
  4. simple solutions really 1. make kinah and craftables account transferable again 2. just farm on your main if you can't handle these unfortunate changes
  5. ? you got all that free stuff and still complaining??? just move over to DN or give your stuff away pl0x
  6. Ranger is strong no doubt, but with their one digit pings in korea they get smashed pretty hard considering they're really squishy if caught.. Everyone's playstyle is different so we can't 100% compare ourselves with Korea ya know? But Templars are #1 right now with that 3 second reflect skill with their already massive defensive,hp, and offensive capabilities. Keep in mind like i said that list is based on same skill, item, and control set! What we can do in NA vs KR is a lot different so just take it as you will. There will always be someone out there who can outplay you somehow regardless
  7. This was based on a popular korean streamer. Also based on max gear, settings, control etc. Idk about you but i like to watch every informative video that comes out on youtube /afreeca. Everyone’s opinion is different ofc and it’s your choice to believe in that list or not. Just giving my insight on the question op asked.
  8. In 7.0 theres a item guidance system where it shows you the upgrade paths and whats required for each class etc. i wish we had a character look up page like korea where we can see who’s wearing what but unfortunately we don’t but then again they take any game really seriously and those functions are always a must!
  9. Are you using windows 10? Did you do all the necessary updates? Maybe your anti virus program is preventing it? Look into your task manager and force close the process before launching it again? Maybe try re-installing after uninstalling and removing all the files in your drive
  10. Apparently painter was created for new players as it is “easy” to play and in kr whoever plays it gets flamed for it
  11. Tbh playing what you’ve been playing is the best route. Every character has their pros and cons but according to koreans here’s a list. PVP 1v1 (7.0+ By order) Physical - Temp/Sin/Painter/Glad/Chanter Magic - Cleric/SM/SW/Gunner/Sorc/Robot PVP Group Physical - Painter/Temp/Chanter/Glad/Sin Magic - *
  12. There's a new dungeon in 7.0 called stella lab or something and even the "easy" mode drops really good new pve ult gear. I don't know exactly how easy it'll be but I'd get started on the pandora quest line (5 weeks to complete) so you'll have something to run with. For the new pvp gear I'd recommend just saving up your ap/ridium/genesis crystals/frags/enchant stones
  13. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188072305 if you click on reverse upgrade you can see the required mats
  14. Chibi-DN


    At least you don’t need to be at 0m
  15. Also i think there's a table somewhere that explains the stats compared to our T1 rn. ancient T2= legendary T1 / Legendary T2= Ultimate T1 (i think) but anyhow like i said it's better to just save all your materials to use it all on the T2 gear when it comes out! https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188072305 here's the link to the new T2 set
  16. 7.0 is not too far off so i'd recommend just saving your genesis crystals/ap/ridiums for T2 gear. for now you can run coe etc or pandora for pve set!
  17. 3,000 ingots = 1 whole month of daily sex change be a smol cute girl today, big sexy man tmrw!!
  18. Can we suggest a petition to make these idd scrolls account transferable atleast?? Have over 40 on an alt and it’s such a waste..
  19. Idk exactly if you get +0 t2 ult with +0 t1 ult but if so reach for that. Crafting ult masterwork pve gear is based on your rng so unless you have a lot of money to spend id wouldn’t recommend it. Legendary pandora questline takes a day or two depending on your tenacity and getting full ult pandora + weapon takes 5 weeks total so up to you. Honestly i would just play rn and I wouldn’t really think of it as wasting time if you really do love the game. As for me im an addict and i cant pull myself away from the game even if i dont have the best gear and get demolished by asmos
  20. dream faerie/mini dress whites/moonlit hanbok +1 vote!
  21. Trueee just like the class specific change function in maplestory! i mean even if it costs kinah or attaining a class change token, anything please!
  22. No, the luna wardrobe isn't shared. It's character bound unfortunately
  23. this luna crafting got me enough to lay back and feel good looking at my kinah today
  24. Honestly updating lore visuals stroyline etc is one thing imo i just want more stuff to do in game and pvp is always fun in the openworld but i admit the games getting pretty boring fast. Same thing over and over again
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