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  1. Isnt NA always getting hit with the nerfed versions and yet we never get any of these promotions -.-
  2. Before if you linked an item through memo pad the stats were moved onto the current one you were linking if that makes sense. But yea its just a glitch on the system unless he showed you that the manastones attached applied to his stats then thats a problem
  3. I also just enchant using stigmas on each other until +4-5 then i use stigma enchant stones. Its really Rng as always but for me it usually takes around 6-9 stones? Yesterday i got a stigma to +9 in about 5 stones so super rng there! Just make accounts to run luna and i buy the stigma bundles on ea character every week for stones (some i transfer kinah to get ingots too) only advice i can give is to be patient
  4. Am I the only one who wants that sauce gauntlet? WANT
  5. You don’t necessarily have to spend kinah.. you can kill boss mobs for the kibrium and farm for mats (although i know it may take time). But if you dedicate your time wisely its doable. But then again you can spend that time to just finish the pain in the ass weeklies to get the pandora set too. Crafting masterwork ults take time and luck but better results; if you think you hve shit luck then just get the pandora set which is totally fine to put u at end game pve too. Up to you, do whichever you feel like will work out for you
  6. It’s a benefit regardless, if you’re going to keep playing even with all the bugs and whatnot, and if it doesn’t hurt your wallet why not? If you have a problem with the game just dont play it. A simple resolution to a simple question ?
  7. Its just starter ult gear, stats are a little lower than masterwork craft gear. Quests are a pain in the ass but its soloable and free so no complaints there
  8. also it says "transparent transformation contract" on the reward list for [Event] Nesting Doll’s Luck, but it gives transparent scrolls!
  9. i built my desktop for around 500$ i3-8100 (or u can spend like 60$more for an i5 8400) viper 8gb 3000mhz ram 2x4 kingston 240gb ssd nzxt h500 temper glass case evga 450BT 80+ bronze B360m ds3h mobo picked up a rx 580 4gb oc from a friend for like 75$ but yea built my light gaming desktop for around 500$, should be do-able i get around 95-102 fps in town, 100+ inside instances, and i think around 25-40fps in siege though
  10. wait so there's a bug where the +10 nesting doll doesn't give you the magic paint along with the white doll??
  11. Also chanters daeva healing skills doesnt get affected by shards anymore, or is that 7.0? or was it healing boost? Or both
  12. Atleast on the bright side you can use those extra skillbooks for enchanting next patch!
  13. you're going to be able to craft legendary skill books next patch! just hang in there
  14. Honestly ive been off of aion for about a month and logged in to see im still a 2 star.. shows how much people aren't playing atm. Player base is probably going to boom the first month 6.x hits but i hardly think it will maintain throughout the year.
  15. what is this fps though..? my eyes man
  16. @Cyan why u give us false hope? Its not guaranteed drop.. wasted my runs now, please fix the bug. Now I don’t even want to run the dungeons anymore til its 100%
  17. @Cyan fire dragon king staff?? What about for the fire dragon king greatsword? I submitted a ticket about this
  18. lol... 500% crafting charms were selling for 10m ea from the previous events. If you were smart enough you should've stocked up on those, i literally have hundreds. Also the main ingredient throughout 1-300 are spirit stones, which u can buy 100 ea from the npc up in abyss when landing is level 5? 12m per bundle i think and you can buy a bundle for each alt lv 66+. Honestly just always do your research on what you would need for upcoming patches and always (i cannot say this enough) take advantage on events. Information you need are all available through the internet (Might have to look hard f
  19. Idk if it's just me but i haven't encountered any glitches or bugs where it hinders me from getting 1st place. I've done about 60 runs so far
  20. its okay just stock up on temperings, im sure they'll fix it soon enough with all these people submitting tickets
  21. People hack by teleporting u back to the start?? lol what in the world
  22. That's really weird, i live in cali but i have yet to dc or get a send log
  23. quick question, are you guys in the US?? I haven't dc'ed or have gotten a send log yet
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