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  1. Prestige Pack Update?

    I suspected this would happen, how can devs let this happen and/or not foresee it? It is just laughable sorry Aion devs but this is realllllllly ridiculous. I wonder what will happen when the triple xp buff hits at the end of the month, will it even work? lol smh Please fix this ASAP and maybe I/we will resub our prestige packs.
  2. Kromede's Revenge 2018 Reward List

    Provinance? lol I sense someone posting "as" Cyan. ; ) And what is up with these rewards? lol Also it is 09:30 PST but still no prestige pack update details? lol Instance entry boosts not affecting entries to Kromedes Revenge? LOL Glad to have canceled my prestige already, this is worse than when MxO died, it's like the control tower is empty at the airport. ...just lol...
  3. Daeva Dash..again?

    Sorry meant 6 mins 53 secs, move along, nothing to see here lol >.<
  4. Daeva Dash..again?

    Nope. It takes about 10 seconds to get in when you click enter immediately and there was 7:57 on the clock, that means they all finished the run in 3 minutes and 53 seconds? No Nyerking Way.
  5. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    40 days? Too late, I'm done for good. L8z.
  6. Yep, cancelled sub, my legion used to have average 15 online every night sometimes 20, now just 2 and I was one of them. Pathetic conduct by the devs or whoever makes these ludicrous decisions. Everyone is quitting it's so sad. GG Aion, GG.