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  1. Does anyone have this figured out already? What is recommended for pve and pvp for magic and physical classes. I saw a video of 44 attack +21 and 9 +21 crit for pve for painter. Plus all +82 crit for pvp for painter? Any list or recommendations for magic users? Manastones are super expensive right now and would definitely appreciate some help in what to socket.
  2. NCSOFT Mission Statement We will strive to NEVER listen to the customer or in no way follow what the majority of our players want. We will not have a clue on how to play the games we oversee and will make random inexplicable changes that make no sense and leave the community dumbfounded. We will not communicate with our fanbase more than once a week, ever. Once a week is more than enough for these degenerates. But most importantly we will try to grind out every dime we can from the fanbase while simultaneously making sure to nerf the game and make sure gameplay remains unrewarding and ted
  3. Piece of shit company with pieces of shit employees
  4. Soonishly means maybe next week's maintenaince, or the one after that, Or the one after that because that's the only time Cyan bothers to log in. The Aion team is brainstorming for new nerfs to implement next week so 7.0 must wait.
  5. Gideon is a mythical figure in old Aion lore somewhere. Beritra, Erishkigal, Gideon. We have seen the first two in Aion recently but the third has constantly eluded us. I'm not even sure what type of mythical beast Gideon is. I think he is some kind of mute creature because he never speaks.
  6. Reasons for no update news for 7.0 in N/A 1)An update would cause sporadic herpes outbreaks for NCSOFT workforce. 2)Wife/significant other has threatened to leave if an update is given. 3)We just don't want to so there. 4)Cyan and Hime don't even know their over Aion anymore. 5)Afraid North Korea will attack South Korea if an update is given 6)Feel free to add your own as none of mine are probably right..
  7. Aion eu said a release date for 07/10 then backed off of it. It wasn't the end of the world. People understand sometimes expectations cant be met. Then they released a new update. Aion N/A doesn't give any updates except a big F/U. Aion EU is kicking N/A ass bad. How bad is the ping in EU from the states? Because this shitbag bunch in N/A act like updates are giving away the Colonel's secret recipe for chicken. Do updates cost N/A in dollars? How about a damn estimated ETA? REEAAALLLYYY!
  8. Piece of crap company with piece of crap updates.
  9. Can we get some kind of a estimated release date on 7.0? There are many things to consider such as if we need to try to upgrade equipment now to +15 or just save our stones and upgrade in 7.0 Also to a lesser degree should we try to craft pve gear or just wait till 7.0 to get the better gear? I do understand we need some gear to do the higher instances but any kind of eta would help make some of these decisions. Such as doing pandora quest etc. If an eta isn't met that's okay because it's an Estimated Time of Arrival. But some kind of estimate would be very helpful in deciding what to upg
  10. Do you really think I care if they lock it. I really don't care what they do. My guess is nothing because they will have to (cough, cough) research it for a couple of weeks at least and let the Q/A team investigate why players are mad at the state of the game. Which they won't be able to figure out. I've got some new names for GM's. 1)GM CutandPaste 2)GM Clueless 3)GM Idontcare 4)GM Iapologize GEE I sure hope they don't lock this thread.
  11. Well I give up. Tired of begging people to fix a game I'm financially supporting. No communication. They have finally convinced me this game is done. How can you not know how to fix your own game? Like the title says. Stick the game up your ass.
  12. I don't really expect much but come on. Patch notes must be done by Nancy Pelosi. You can read them after you play the update.
  13. The stats are the same except in N/A where the idiot trust fund is. I can hear it now. Nerf the transforms that all other regions have and what NCSOFT balances game mechanics around including PVE. "BRILLIANT" I honestly think they throw darts at a board to figure out what changes to make. Kaisenel transform is not going to be that much better than some of the new legendary transforms after the nerf. Especially when you consider some classes will be at max attk speed and run speed with self buffs. Why not give kaisenel 5000 run and attk spd and then nerf it down to attk spd and run speed
  14. ok really tired of hearing don't blame this person or that person. Does anyone have a clue who we should blame. A NAME and e-mail if possible. Or a phone number. Or anyway to contact someone. Because someone is in charge somewhere aren't they? Or are we just destined to deal with Cyan who can't or won't tell us anything. Or Gideon that reminds me of the Loch Ness Monster. You hear a lot about it but no one actually sees it. Not that it would help but a vote of no confidence in this team (hard to call it that) seems appropriate. Lastly maybe their doing exactly what their told but in no sc
  15. 1)They actually put items on the BCM people want. 2)They have events--multiple at the same time 3)They talk to their people instead of just ignore (eta's and upcoming changes) 4/3 for 6.5 and scheduled updates with REAL people. 4)They are updating the game and not a bunch of ass hats that won't answer any questions 5)Can Gameforge buy the rights to N/A and we just have the same version they have? Because these pitiful nyerks we have are sorry as the day is long and absolutely clueless. Gameforge is just greedy, NCWEST is in shambles.
  16. Aly I think you would be a good attorney for clients that have confessed to a crime with indisputable video and DNA evidence against them. Plus eyewitnesses testifying against them. "Ugh, I believe my client is innocent" P.S. It' not mean to tell someone their doing a crappy job when their doing a crappy job. Just lol. You can have the last word if you want because I'm tired of hearing you defend ineptitude and wont be responding.
  17. Respect is given freely but it is a 2 way street. This person has not respected the community and should be shown the door. Very hard to respect someone that doesn't give any in return. Last time I checked, completely ignoring someone was disrespectful. But I am glad to see good hearted people on here even if you can't bring yourself to criticize someone not doing their job.
  18. The real question is can someone fire this incompetent moron. Does anyone know how to contact his boss? Does he get paid or is he a volunteer? I'm not even sure its a real person. Maybe a cardboard cutout.
  19. What I really meant was do your job as good as you can. Or even adequately. I do performance evaluations all the time. About 98 percent of people perform either as excellent or satisfactory. This job performance would be a fail. Nothing personal, just an evaluation based on job performance and no communication. I'm not delusional and saying I should evaluate him. But what I can see appears to show laziness and a laissez faire attitude. Also defending someone for doing a horrible job just enables them. I do feel for him if he has a gag order or some thing. But it still is no excuse for thi
  20. Why is it crossing the line when we post that someone that is doing their job VERY poorly should be fired. He didn't wish anything bad on Gideon other than he not be associated with AION anymore. My uneducated (not sure what resources he has but it must be next to none) opinion is the same. He doesn't tell us anything. Doesn't update us, no eta on 6.5 or 6.75 or 7.0 or just anything. BCM is in shambles. Game of Fate is beyond playable. Have you looked at the rewards for it? Just lol. No updates on anything. Incredibly bad changes for AION US except for shards (after forever), morphing (finally
  21. With Russia getting 7.0 in approx. 1 month wtf is N/A doing? Shitty event making mostly and putting pure crap on the BCM. Events---Terrible. Check BCM-- Terrible.I don't think you could make the game of fate rewards any worse if you tried, (no sarcasm there just fact.) I do say thx for morphing and new enchant rates but there isn't shit to do right now. It's to the point I just don't like the game its so boring now. How about some info on 6.5? How about a decent event? How about some decent stuff on BCM? How about doing anything? Fix broker fees? Play with yourself. Do something!!! Give
  22. I was told you will be getting erishkigal cubics from pandora quest. Thx for the response anyway.
  23. 1) After we have cubics maxed out in 6.2 do we need to continue to run labs for 6.5? 2)How do you acquire erishkigal cubics, do you run labs more and they drop there or do you acquire them someplace else? Thx.
  24. Has anyone else gotten bugged in COE and cant fly to the top after Windstream. I cant finish the run because it lets me fly but cant move to the top. I relogged, restarted computer, rebuffed, nothing fixes it until I do another instance. This happens about 1 out 5 times now, Any help? Thx,
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