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  1. my character is not shown !

  2. my character is not shown !

    hello can someone tell me how to fix this and what's the problem cuz everything was ok but then my charterer disappeared like this
  3. israphel server

    hello last time i played aion was year ago maybe i had .classes with high levels in israphel now i opened it i didn't find only 2 servers !!! is it possible to play with my old or get it back
  4. nvm it worked thank you so much !!
  5. I downloaded this one same and it doesn't work still does it have a thing with pc cuz its too old and not really great but i played aion on it before and it was working perfect idk why doesn't work now
  6. "You cannot run Aion with the version of DirectX currently installed. Aion requires the DirectX version released after June, 2008. You can download the correct version from www.aiononline.com" hello i have this problem for 3 days now ive treid to download the version they said and everything but nothing works !!!! i have windows is 7 64bit Any help would be appreciated. thanks !