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  1. No PVE accessories

    That's a cute theory, except there are no Gray Wolf accessories. NPC that is supposed to sell them did not make it into this patch.
  2. No PVE accessories

    So is there any particular reason that all the pve accessories only give pvp stats when tempered (including the new purified harvester)? Renders the entire tree of purified harvester accessories almost completely useless (other than for clerics; though I think the l80 ap accessories have now rendered them completely useless for clerics as well).
  3. gj ncsoft

    Actually, there are no pve accessories. If you try to purify a +5 harvester accessory, you get a +2 accessory that in the purification preview screen gives you bonus pvp stats (+1.0%), not pve stats (beyond the base pve stats of the accessory). Also, this patch did not include the greywolf (pve) accessories at all. This was a purely pvp patch. -Mud
  4. PVE set for physical classes

    Cuz bored and having little better to do while waiting for server maintenance. Frigida is pretty much a waste of time if you can find a group of decent players to run BoS with. Harvester gear is significantly better than Frigida, and unless you get lucky with your sanctum defense (get sophisticated gear boxes) or with your enchants (able to create sophisticated gear without using omegas) and your level adjust procs (or can spend a fortune on level reduction stones), or unless you crit proc your credit card, you are going to spenda ton of kinah (or irl $$$) enchanting and level reducing a set that is marginally better than Apollon and noticeably worse than Harvester (and other than the weapons is actually worse dps than Apollon). Also, the +7 vs. +4 attack per piece for Apollon vs. Frigida may not sound like a lot, but +15 attack cumulatively is, while not game breaking, not insignificant (for most people that would be about +1% to +1.5% more attack overall ). Apollon (assuming you can grind COE) also is a lot cheaper since it drops so often that you can build up an inventory of 4 or 5 pieces for each categorym (other than weapon) and yolo them to +10 with a mix of black stones, shiny black stones and greater supps (that you got from grinding COE). On the power/precision vs. l60 or l70 att/crit composites, you will probably find more bang for your buck using 5/8s than power/precision. YMMV, but you hit the soft cap Anjo mentioned pretty darn fast if you also have maxed essence points in power and precision (and yes it still exists; it was just made higher than it was pre-5.6). I have found that a 5/8 (which roughly equates to +7.5 attack as compared to using power/prec or a combination of non-composite attack and crit stones) is better than a power +8 stone after you have socketed one or two pieces of gear with 6x power +8, and 6/9s are better than power 9 once you have socketed 3 or 4 pieces with 6x power +9. This is because, among other things, the added crit lets you not socket precision, and it also let's you use attack/hp food instead of crit/evade food, while still hitting the crit cap (for pve, you don't need precision if you are using apollon weapons...if you are getting parries/blocks/evades on bosses, it is because of the level difference penalty, not because of accuracy). At some point, there is a patch that removes the soft cap altogether, but if you are playing diligently you are going to have a harvester set by then anyway, and will have long since forgotten your "starter" Apollon set.
  5. Asssasin Crit or Attack

    Attack (with 1300 crit). To maximize dps in certain instances, you'll need 1400 to 1500 crit (Cradle, Trials and Bastion). Your dps really only matters at boss fights, at which point you should have flurry up at least part of the time anyway.