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  1. Where even am I?

    I'll just delete a character and then create a new one entirely later today.... And then i'll transfer leadership of my legion to that new character and delete everything, and start over, even though, i firmly believe i should NOT have to start over, and that they screwed up by removing all that stuff. But i don't own the game, so i have literally zero right to be upset. though now i'm kinda depressed and might not play for another six months...
  2. Where even am I?

    My Lumeria is my highest level character at level 44. And when i went and played one of the characters I had created, but never in my life played before, it STILL sent me to that Awakening frigate Hardock or whatever it's called, even though it's quite literally a newbie character. Most of my skills on my level 44 character are grayed out as if they don't belong to her, and I did NOT participate in any part of any events ever. I was in pandimonium or one of the other worlds near there when i last left off and the fact that i've been moved to this disputed land without warning and no way of getting back to pandimonium has me stressed tf out and i don't even want to play anymore ever again if this issue isn't explained to me and i'm told WHY i've been moved with my return point changed and everything.
  3. Where even am I?

    All my characters are suddenly on disputed land. Even when i first start out, the first time i've ever used a character and i'm suddenly on disputed land, rather than the USUAL starting point. What is the point in my playing this game if i am moved someplace else, without any warning or giving any kind of consent to have my character in an area that's clearly way too difficult for a level 1 newbie? Also, why can't i delete this topic when I'M the one that posted it? I just want to know why I'm not where i should be, what changes were made to the game that threw me into this kind of war without any warning?
  4. Sorry I'm new to the forums Help me

    I'm not sure how to find out my ping. I use a desktop computer, but i also use wifi, so I haven't considered my router a problem... My wifi jack seems to be getting glitchy lately so it might actually be that is my problem. though by glitchy i mean i need to take it out and put it back in my usb port and then it works again.
  5. Sorry I'm new to the forums Help me

    It doesn't shut down my game, it makes it lag to the point where i keep getting sent back several feet despite moving forward in game, which i was told was a server issue. The only time my game had to be shut down was when i had to force the tower of my computer to shut down when the whole computer froze the first time i loaded it up in months.
  6. Sorry I'm new to the forums Help me

    How, do i do that, exactly? I went into browse and made it ignore the NCSoft Folder in my program files, however, I'm not absolutely one hundred percent that's how it's supposed to be done...
  7. Sorry I'm new to the forums Help me

    My desktop is set to automatically update, so i'm sure it's up to date. I don't know if I've ever told AVG to leave aion alone though. I don't have to do that for any of the other mmos i play so I never considered it a possibility
  8. Sorry I'm new to the forums Help me

    I don't have any battle ping or wtfast, i don't even know what they are. My computer isn't new, but my free AVG firewall stuff says i'm having performance issues, i can't really pay AVG to fix those performance issues yet tho.... Would having those programs count as cheating? I don't know... I'm not really tech savvy....
  9. Sorry I'm new to the forums Help me

    not, that i'm aware of? i'm not sure what a vpn is... or ping reducer.... I don't even know if i know what pinging is.... The first time i've played in months was yesterday, well since it's midnight now it's the day before yesterday, but it crashed my whole computer trying to get in game, because i was trying to be on my browser and the game at the same time without giving the game time to load itself up. (i usually have the browser pulled up for help finding things in quests that don't have markers, like that one where you have to use the invasion sensor and i'm like "Where do i use this?") but the only thing i have pulled up when i play is the game, and the browser.
  10. Sorry I'm new to the forums Help me

    For the past two days every time I"ve been logged in for half an hour or longer, the game starts doing this thing where my character keeps being jumped back to where she was standing before i started moving, as if the servers wish to force me to take a break... It fixes itself when i log out and log back in, but only for again, that specified amount of time... Sorry I don't think i've been in the forums.... I don't know where to put this and i"m not sure what to do.... I've looked up the issue i'm having and it says to report it because it's a server issue, but i'm not quite sure WHERE or how i'm supposed to report it... Any help would be appreciated, i'm sorry if i'm in the wrong spot, it's not a game breaking issue for me, but it can become tedious having to log out and log back in so often... it's been a good while since i've played, I know it says i've joined forums since march, but i don't remember that at all.