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  1. How to change language?

    Hi how can I change language in aion? I saw someone changed aion language to Spanish...
  2. Evergale feature you forgot to remove

    Understand, thanks
  3. How to change language?

    I saw on aion NA not EU
  4. Aion 6.0 When?

    Yes it's possible! we'll see
  5. Evergale feature you forgot to remove

    How do you have a PC buff?
  6. How to change language?

    No, I mean aion
  7. Aion 6.0 When?

    Maybe the 6.0 will be live in Autumn or last 2018.
  8. Put new hairstyles on BCM pls
  9. New Server Name Suggestions

    Siel + Beritra = Ereshkigal Tiamat + Israphel + Kharun = Asteria