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  1. I miss spoke in my earlier post.. To summarize, what I meant to say was that just because some people make their money playing games, that doesn't mean they should be able to buy their way to the top. I guess if your version of having a life means "Hey, I can spend 18 hours a day playing a video game, and maybe interacting with people virtually" than you're welcome to it, but some of us would like to spend some of our time in the real world no matter how crappy it may be. "So what your saying is, F the people who spends $ let the casuals get equal gear for free easily? Not my fault
  2. I'll explain to you why I care.. I really like this game(or used to more accurately) and there are things I still like about it, however the GMs are just doing more and more things to screw the game up, and I am hoping that if enough people say/do something to make it known that they are not pleased with the way the game is progressing, that MAYBE NC will actually listen and try to fix it.. Of course.. I have to wonder just what their "fix" would be. Probably nothing, since my opinion means nothing.
  3. Oh, ok.. So someone that plays a game, but wants to have a life outside of the games opinion doesn't matter... I have spent money on the game, but am beginning to feel that it is a complete waste. A game should never be p2w.. I'm well aware that there are many people who make their money playing games, however I don't see how that makes it "right" to make it so people who make their money in other manners shouldn't be able to compete with the people who are able to/don't care about spending massive amounts of money on a video game.. But I guess you will say "F you, you're an idiot who doesn'
  4. Nice try Poke, but some people want to have a life, and have more important things to spend their money on than a game that is run by people who don't care about what they want, or think. Only their pocket book.
  5. There's no way I'm buying temps/omegas from them until/unless they do something to correct this foolishness. I'm not a big casher, but I have spent a lot more money on this game than I would like to have, especially now that they are screwing players who either don't have the time to grind for 5 to 20 hours a day so they can get gear sets. No more money until they show an interest in what their community wants.. Until then, any money I spend will be going to other games.
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