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  1. Cyan will the rewards include any items to help with getting pvp gear as the gap between ancient and legendary is ridiculous you can’t pvp with this rubbish
  2. They will never admit they were wrong hence why private servers are busier than official ones they had many chances to fix it but they continually ignore us so they are paying the price
  3. Aion is the only game that I know off that at each new patch your put back to square 1 after months and months of grinding for gear and weapons and kinah it’s all gone but those who have bills and o2w can just rebut from day 1
  4. Aion now is the biggest pile of shit there is out there, your expected to pvp now in shit gear that’s impossible to upgrade and the difference between each grade of armour is just beyond a joke. Ncsoft when will you learn that you have broken aion and you will never fix it you just keep piling shit upon shit upon more shit personally I’ll be glad to see all aion servers shutdown because you don’t deserve the players time effort or money Aion is now a sinking ship and your developers are trying to scoop the water out with spoons. but then you know that hence the poor updat
  5. was around 4.7 same time as i started playing and agree wit you was really good fun then
  6. so after playing eu and na versions im listing a few things i think needs to be addressed after hearing from players and myself the main issue of 6.2 is the lack of things to do, a day in the life of a aion player now consists of standing around lakram..........! theres very few instances, 4 quests repeatable 4 times a week for pvp medals, camps which take 20 mins to do and instances have been made so easy and takes all of 2 hours at most to do. only ID DRED left. this isnt the aion players wanted. there isnt enough content to keep players active, 80% of content has been removed and noth
  7. And that’s part of the reason people quit aion when you get retards like you with that attitude It seems most of the players who played NA took your advice
  8. It’s packed with deyla and antri players lmao and it will kill the game, in 2 months all servers will be struggling
  9. DONT DO THE UPDATE! dont do it guys it will kill off any of the remaining player base NA has EU will be dead in a couple of months I play eu and already seen ppl who came back leave again
  10. If NA update to 6.2 the servers will be closed in a matter of months. This update is the final nail in the coffin for aion it really is, the game aion has come to be is not working outside of Korea. Over the past few years I’ve seen aion go from once a hugely fun game to 6.2! Where you can spam dungeon entires in 1 day and nothing left to do. So much content has been removed and there is nothing for the players to do other than stand around afking. like I said before on EU forums ncsoft need to seriously consider creating legacy servers with for example 4.7/4.8 but they won’t
  11. Can’t seem to log on to any servers are there any issues with it atm?
  12. well after giving aion chance after chance ncsoft have never fail to pull something out the bag to trump the last thing. So twice today ive been in the eye trying to farm when i get first attacked by a glad with this sheba pet and to my surprise it dealt over 10k damage on me, then again just now a sin just under 10k damage,. btw im wearing full 75 ap armour +15 and accessories all level reduced to 70, providence + 75 ap combined wep and all full aug and im level 70 with essence on pvp defence, seriously if the class unbalance is one thing they introduce these pets like wtf ncsoft
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