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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love Aion from the first time I clicked start, but these are huge marketing flaws. There's an MMO that I will not say it's name, but is a revamped one, that is about to be re-launched on Steam. Game will be PVP focused, but I already gathered some info from eager players, that there was and there will be again an item that can be bought with ingame currency that will make you neutral regardless of your faction / map / alliance for a certain ammount of time. I've been wandering around some other games forums and noticed that I'm not alone on this quest to play a multiplaye
  2. Scroll info: -primary effect - cannot engage or be engaged in any pvp activity for 24hs -secondary effect - permanent deletion of WAR quest tab, resulting in no more quests from that tab. -terciary effect - 99,9% chance of dropping "I don't give a damn for grouped dungeons", a scroll that will allow you to get alone in any dungeon without group restriction.
  3. Is there a way to block/disable/crush or whatever to never more receive quests like kill faction A or B? Is prettty annoying for a PVE player getting these all the time. I also disable the 9th valiant title just to don't receive them, but they damn keep coming.
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