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  1. I will start! I LOVE how my Stellari/Dux gets 3 shot by 1 dredge commander. I Also Love how the game hiccups everytime devs implement something new. What do you guys Love about Aion Classic?
  2. @Kibbelzi bought my 90-day aura after maint. but i got the wrong items, even the text doesnt match the items in my mail. the items not shown in the image are 2 title cards and 3 normal rez stones...
  3. Y’all care to much about what someone else does with their money. Just cuz they have Kinah and you don’t doesn’t make them better. Sure they can LR stuff. But you can grind it without paying for it. Once they have pots and scrolls and gear. All they do it spend Kinah on consumables. It’s not game breaking to make 1m a day with candies. Or to even have Kinah. P2w would be if they put ap relics and medals on quna shop. Or gear/acc on quna. Kinah isn’t hard to make. Just spend some time gathering or farming. You can make Kinah cap every day if you spend about an hour farming elites or even brush
  4. go somewhere else to cry, i promise you, your opinion doesnt matter at all. no one cares what you think, the game is still fun and theres still stuff to do, sorry you dont have any friends to play with
  5. mergind servers would hard nyerk asmo side, between SL-A having more bots that any other server/faction and IS-E having all that freefarm and outnumber IS-A. you gotta think outside the box too. if they merged both servers, asmos would be at a hard disadvantage. you wouldnt want ncsoft giving all asmos free 40e would you? i mean, theyve done it before with 50e.
  6. so everything that mrzzfish/amigoelvis does, lol
  7. you do get your drops back, just like 2009. you paid $15 you get to play, just like here $15 lets you play. if you dont pay that, you dont have access to anything worth doing. just like how it was back in the day. now hey hard nyerked up by not allowing people without aura to pick up quest items. but it just goes along with how ncwest has always been. they only want your money and dont want you to expect anything in return. im not complaining because i enjoy the game and the PvP that comes with it. most the problems i seen posted on the forums are just meh and i dont care about the
  8. i jsut dont understand why you would take all the time and effort to do all this for something thats in a different language, even though the quest still works as intended. i dont know anyone that actually reads the quests. they jsut spam ok until accept than go kill whatever needs killed.
  9. id love to see what all these mats are that youre holding on to. the relics i kinda understand because of the week of free ap items. but you can always jsut stack the pvp coins that you use tobuy the bags instead of turning them in right away. so you shouldnt have to worry about ap relics taking us space. and i have 2 cubes dedicated to pvp/pve gear/acc and stigmas. sure, having 4 rows isnt ideal, but those 4 rows are dedicated for loot. and at level 50, its not like we get a lot of that. all im trying to say is that its not hard at all to manage all youre mats. the hard part is jsut opening a
  10. just sounds like youre complaining to complain. you can still preform the quest, do you also complain about how certain blades of grass dont look how theyre suppose to look?
  11. Have you guys not made bank accounts yet? Just make another toon. Level it up just a little(1 hour is more than enough time to get to level 10). Buy inv/wh spaces. Dump all you mats and shit on that toon. Like the balaur mats and other things that you don’t need to flood your stuff. And than you have 1 hr a day to be able to transfer stuff from one toon to the next. Just log off when you’re not actively transferring shit. And if you don’t wanna log on that toon. Just mail stuff to it. You just gotta think outside the box just a little.
  12. i mean, for pvp, you could also go crit to cap and than MA stones. make sure youre debuffs land, so you keep glads/templars slowed or make sure your silences land along with other skills so that you can bury your silences.
  13. are you jokiing??? SL-A Stigma Shards go for 500 each. lol. you should be happy its that cheap
  14. im not asking for any re-imbursement . i just want you guys to acknowledge the issue and tell us you guys are working on it. just seems like you guys are just ignoring the issue. id like to play the game but it takes me an hour to log on and by then i have other things i need to take care of. would just be nice if yall talked to us about it
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