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  1. Not Waiting on 6.0!

    Thanks, guys! I may try the SW first just because it's more newbie-friendly. I will probably eventually play them both, though!
  2. Not Waiting on 6.0!

    Hi, guys! I hear a lot of talk about Aion and how players should wait until 6.0, but I'm bored and want to have some fun. So, I want to start working on getting a character to 66. I've never gotten past 50 on the game, and it's been a very long time since I've played. I usually main support (and am very good at it), but I'm honestly quite bored of questing with cleric at the moment. So, my question is...which of these 3 classes will be viable as a "main"? I want to ideally kill crap before I get hit and be useful/wanted in parties. Sorc, Sin, or SW? Thanks for the help! I'm also open to server/faction suggestions (and would love a guild home). ♥
  3. Shugos, Elyos, Asmos, and 62%

    Thanks! That actually sounds like more fun then. I always dps when heals are going well (on any game). I'm sure it'll take some practice, but I'm looking forward to it. I appreciate the insight. That was what I was looking to find out! Now uhm, any guilds want someone who's still new? :3 Haha, thanks @Cheesecake-DN, my computer isn't bad. This is the only game that does this way on my pc. Love the kawaii potato pic tho!
  4. Yo. So, while I'm waiting on maint. to be over, I figured I'd hit up the forums with a couple of questions and thoughts. *Knowing that after this maint, my client will be stuck at 62% for 40 minutes when I have internet amazing enough to ping 80 from Atlanta to Beijing. :'D I know it isn't all internet-related. It's actually all Aion-related, but I love the game anyway. ♥ *That we can't change our profile pictures? We are an army of Shugo Deavas! Okay, rant over. I just came back to the game. *Waves* I don't know too much. I've never gotten past 50, but I'm a shallow deava. I want to at least get past 66, so I can try out those new hairstyles that I can't buy until I'm, you know, at least level 66. *1. Does anyone want to adopt me? You know I'll at least be getting to 66 asap. ;D I would like an active guild, so I'm not as alone in the game. I mean, I'm fine soloing. I can entertain myself (actually love the lore), but I'm sure that once I get to 50, I'm going to be at a loss for what I should be doing. (KT, Asmo) *2. Also, one of my main goals is to become a support chanter. Can someone shed some light on this for me? Will I be able to stand at a distance and heal in PvE raids (or will it still be a combo of DPS and small heals)? Thanks, everyone! I think that's all that's on my brain for right now. Here's hoping this post lands amongst a friendly community. ^_^/
  5. New legion, new friends maybe??

    I need a guild! I just came back also, but I'm still kinda a newb as I've never gotten past 50. Uhm, I guess it's kind of important to know if you're an Ely or Asmo on KT. :'D I'm Asmo, so hit me up if you are, too. (: